Engagement – Fashionable Yet Bankrupt

This was one of the most thought provoking posts I have read in  a long time.  It is a post by Martin Weigel, head of planning at W&K Amsterdam, so he kind of knows his stuff!

Its a bit ranty in places and I am left asking the question at the end “Well what is the answer”. But its a post that you really should take the time to read. I will warn you now its long, so give yourself the time.

In the post Martin challenges some of  “the sillier and more excessive claims being made for what’s termed ‘engagement’”. He argues against the belief in some quarters that “the world has turned on its axis, that whole categories of human behaviour are dead… that humanity has adopted an entirely new mindset, that the old truths are outmoded, and that we must sign up to a new and universal truth, simplify the world too much”.

He outlines the 9 bad habits of engagement thinking as:

  1. Assuming engagement is a metric
  2. Claiming ‘engagement’ is something entirely new
  3. Failing to recognise ‘engagement’ is an intermediate measure
  4. Assuming that interruption is dead
  5. Assuming that more ‘engagement’ is the route to more loyalty
  6. Overestimating people’s appetite for participation
  7. Treating ‘engagement’ as if it had intrinsic value
  8. Assuming that people care deeply about brands
  9. Staring down the wrong end of the telescope

Read the post here


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