The Digital Divide – Infographic

Source: Social Media Angels


3 thoughts on “The Digital Divide – Infographic

  1. Hmm a little bit sceptical to this one, How social and interactive are really the majority of people online (e.g. on Facebook). Research tends to find that most users are quite passive, in Europe most people are not even online. So where are these numbers taken from and what kind of sample?

    • Hi Petter
      Thanks for the comment. I am always a little skeptical of stats…what were the questions that led to the responses etc.? And I don’t know the sample size or validity of the results. However I do think there is, underlying, an interesting point being made. I think there is a divide between what brands should be/could be doing and what they are actually doing. I think there needs to be organisational shifts and people need to be open to the idea of being social businesses, not just on social networks.

  2. True, but I also think that we (the social media crowd) tend to overdo how social and participating the average population are online :). But I like you graph.

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