Santa: “I don’t do poor countries”

Shocking to think the most generous man in the world…isn’t all that generous.

This is a spot by UNICEF in Sweden.

I came across it on Ad Week. Im open to being challenged on this, but I like it (with one caveat: it would be broadcast when kids won’t be watching).

The ad is made by by Forsman & Bedenfors. We see a lovely Santa checking out presents and then he comes across a gift of medical supplies and he gets, well, a bit sarky about it.  He insists that he won’t deliver these kinds of gifts.  “I don’t do poor countries,” he says! It ends with a nice line “We go where Santa doesn’t”

Ad Week summarise it nicely:

His brutal honestly may dampen the mood, but that’s the whole point—getting people to remember that Christmas spirit in many ways extends only as far as a family’s economic circumstances allow. The writing could be sharper in the middle, but the spot, which is wonderfully crafted visually, has a universal message that could apply to families in richer countries, too. Santa doesn’t love poor neighborhoods much, either. In the end, it’s a clever way to bring the season’s most elaborate fiction to bear on the realities of poverty around the world. And the donations it brings will be among the greatest gifts of the season.

Take a look and I would love to hear your thoughts:


2 thoughts on “Santa: “I don’t do poor countries”

  1. Hi
    I live in Sweden and I leave a comment about this at my FB status for a couple of days ago and it is really sad that not every child worldwide could belive that santa also should visit them. Hope is very important. I am, since 2008, a “worldparent” , I gives 200 swedish krona every month through UNICEF and I am proud to be a worldparent but I really really hate this….” I dont do poor countries”..// I wish you A Merry Merry christmas// regards Helen in Sweden

  2. No matter what you think of Santa’s snarky attitude, this is effective advertising.

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