Cashless Carol Singing

I live in a cashless world…mostly due to a lack of money…but I tend to not carry cash around with me. So the days of loose change, for me, are few and far between. I have posted before about how awful I feel in the supermarket at the weekend and there is a bag pack on and I can’t give any money (coz I jsut use my laser). The same thing is happening me now when I go past people singing Christmas carols – I have no cash so can’t donate.

So I really liked the look of this.  Christmas shoppers in Covent Garden were given pre-paid contactless cards to make a donation. For every time someone donated with a card through the payment system, £5 went to Help a Capital Child.

Ok, so you had to have a card, and you didnt make the donation, but this is the way forward. So we need to think about how this can be rolled out and the impact it will have on you and your organisation (for and not for profits)



2 thoughts on “Cashless Carol Singing

  1. Very interesting post.

    Made me also think that Carol singers should have a giant QR Code printed out, sitting in front of them – so people can make a donation easily from a distance!

  2. Hello!

    I think same like you, I also have less money with me but I use fundraising plattforms online to give money. Such plattforms like this is a fundraising plattform where you can spend money for special projects. But there are also plattforms like and much more! So there are enough possibilities to help poor people or also to help that culture projects become a chance.

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