New Drink Aware App?

Well this is a new app I think they should develop!

I think they have done a great job with their recent campaign, which really makes you think about the dilema of driving the day after a night out. From their radio ads I get the point that the “cures” don’t work. And that it takes an hour for a unit of alcohol to leave your system. But that’s where I start to get confused, or a little unclear.

So what if I did have drinks last night, how do I know how the calculations work. Does each new drink start the clock on how long it takes for alcohol to leave my system?

This is where I get confused and this is where I think an app would be a great idea.

Let me submit what I drank, when I started, how often an hour I would have had a drink. What time I stopped and then calculate for me what time I should consider hitting the road at.

I am sure there are legal issues around this, everyone has different metabolisms etc.. But if they were to err on the side of being uber cautious and state that this is just a guide, it could still work. Basically if this thing tells me I shouldnt go near a car until 6pm tonight, isnt that a good thing? It has the potential of keeping people off the road who are still over the limit (therefore a danger) but who think they aren’t because they have been to sleep.

What do you think? Good idea?


4 thoughts on “New Drink Aware App?

  1. Great idea! This year was the first that I left my car in work. This meant I had to get to work the morning after by public transport and not risk feeling ok but not knowing whether I was over the limit. This change in behaviour was brought about by the advertising and by the knowledge that there was new lower limits. With the new alcohol limits – it would be relatively easy to be over the limit the next morning. An App would be an excellent idea! Firstly, anything that reminds people of the dangers of drink driving is important and secondly by even quantifying the level of drink, you realise how easily you can reach the limits. With road deaths down below 200 deaths per year for the first time since records began, a continued push to reduce drink driving using apps and social media has to be encouraged.

  2. Conor, I had a thought about this overnight. Or a couple of thoughts..

    A cracking idea, something that would really resonate with a lot of people.

    – would a person necessarily know what and when they drank the previous night? I suppose they would have an idea and if they drank too much to remember they shouldn’t be going near a car
    – the app could allow people to understand what number of units relate to different drink types – because I believe that people still are not sure how a different drink relates to the limit. Get right down to the different brands of beers for example, so that a user can at the touch of a button get the number of units for any type of drink
    – get the taxi companies involved – if someone can’t drive but still needs to get somewhere let them call directly from the app to book a taxi – or even better link directly to an app such as iCabbi

    • Dave

      Thanks for the comment. I love your first point and think the link to taxi’s is genius. I know Drink Aware have seen/read the post so hopefully they take the comments on board too.

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