Pass the parcel across Dublin

I liked this for a few reasons. Firstly it was inspired by an idea from New Zealand, it’s been tweaked, but I just love when others see something that has already been done and make it their own.

Secondly it has come from a supporter and not the charity, but the causes involved got fully behind it.

Finally, it’s a good business decision. The courier company behind it gets to meet new customers, maybe making them top of mind for future business?

The idea is best described by the video below. The video shows phase one and what happens when the box/parcel moves from company to company is that the parcel builds up and gets bigger. So kind of the opposite of pass the parcel really.

There are already 62 companies involved so if you want to play the game call Cyclone.

I see potential in this idea….surely this is just year 1 of something that will be really big


One thought on “Pass the parcel across Dublin

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