Air New Zealand – Brand personality

I was lucky enough to fly Air New Zealand once (well twice, return flight, you know what I mean). The experience was fantastic. I expected a Ryanair flight or at best Aer Lingus and instead got something so much better. The flight attendants were, well, attentive. There was a meal and drinks, spacious seats, in flight entertainment. Then when we were about to land we got landing sweets….honestly…landing sweets!

But I really enjoyed how the brand personality shone through in all the touchpoints.

First of all the in flight safety message was brilliant. Check this out:

Since then they have had other ones, one with Richard Simmons and then one with the All Blacks (check them out at the bottom of this post).

They also think about kids and families, they have kids story times and they get one of the children to help them hand out the landing sweets.

The brand clearly has a personality and it doesn’t just talk about it in its advertising, it lives it through its staff. So get to understand your brand personality and make sure it lives through all possible touchpoints. Any other good examples?


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