Charity logo to appear on jerseys

I have seen this a few times, obviously the trend kicked off with Barcelona, and I have seen it a few times in the UK.  O2 did it last year for Headstrong last year, the charity logo appeared on the Shannon Rugby jersey.

I really like this link between Sponsorship and charity. I think charity often sits in the wrong place within organisations so it is great to see if as part of the marketing mix. Vodafone are going to put the SOS (suicide or survive) logo on the Dublin GAA jerseys for the two games in the Spring Series football leaguegame against Kerry and hurling league meeting with Galway.

As well as using the jersey space Vodafone are going to ask people to text donate ‘SOS’ to 50300 and give 2euros to the charity. They say all the proceeds will go to the cause, not sure what that means in terms of costs?

Im sure this wasnt easy to pull off, as Vodafone had to talk to the GAA and Dublin county board to get them on board and those things aren’t always as easy as they seem. I know that organisations sponsor teams for a reason and logos on jerseys don’t come cheap, so Vodafone should be applauded for the move.

This works for everyone, Vodafone, the GAA and the Dublin team get to align themselves to a good cause doing great work. The payback is they get kudos and lots of PR out of it. Im sure jersey sponsors may suffer from logo blindness in a way, so its another nice way to activate the sponsorship and remind people of Vodafones involvement.

What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Charity logo to appear on jerseys

  1. Hi Conner

    For a point of interest, I found an example from the early ’90s. OzChild an Australian social welfare charity sponsored the Hawthorn Football Club who play Australian Rules Football. I dug up an old photo, which I’ll send you via email, which, quite bizarrely, I found on a website dedicated to footballer’s bad haircuts.. The sponsorship, as I remember was solely about logo recognition, there was no ask or action.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I got your photo via email, I suppose there is a lesson in this….take a look at whats gone on before and see can there be ways to make it work in the current market. SOFII is a great resource for looking back.



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