Unusual Month of Reverse Courtship

Hendricks is a fantastic brand…not only do they have a really nice product (at a premium price, which may help me think its even nicer!) they have an incredible brand personality and tone of voice.

They look out for the unusal and then create a space and own it. So while you can never be sure what to expect from them, you can expect it to be a bit unusual.

I signed up to their site and a few weeks later was sent out a note book (to keep note of my curious ideas) and a recipe book (how to serve cucumber in different ways and cocktails). It was so unintrusive, it was appropriate, it was unepxected, it made me feel great about the brand, like I was one of the gang (although they wouldnt use that language).

They extend their tone of voice across all their channels. They are a brand well worth watching.This is their campaign for February.. The unusual month of reverse courtship


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