Go Halfsies

I was sent this yesterday and thought it was a clever idea. Not sure the issue of portion size is as problematic here, but its a good idea. (via TBD)

You’re massively hungry and make the impulse order, but before you know it, you’re just halfway through the bigger-than-your-face guacamole bacon burger and already stuffed. What if there was a way to channel that over-ordering toward the fight against hunger?

Enter Halfsies, a social initiative that’s helping restaurant-goers eat better, reduce food waste, and feed those in need. Patrons at participating restaurants elect to “Go Halfsies” on a menu item and receive a smaller, healthier portion of the meal. The remainder of the cost is then donated to one of Halfsies’ nonprofit partners. So, not only does your Halfsies meal save a bit of your waistline, it also helps get food on the table for those in need.

Ask your favorite food joint to jump on the Halfsies train, treat yourself, and help fill the plates of those that need it most. Mmm… now doesn’t that sound good



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