So many new social networks pop up and its really hard to keep up…really hard. I tend to download the apps when I hear of something new and interesting . So often though I find its just not for me.

But Pinterest has really kept me engaged. I have set up a few boards and am starting to follow people, I’m still getting started, but enjoying it. I enjoy seeing what other people pin, and yes some pins are totally irrelvant to me…so its great that I can just unfollow the pin, but still follow the person.What I find interesting is that the majority of pins I see are about  Food, Fashion and Homes. It seems to be quite an aspirational place.

I am still coming to terms with it (sounds like hard work right!). I am especially wondering where brands fit in. I see that brands like Whole Foods and Martha Stewart are really popular…and I can see how that makes sense. They can post things that are useful (recipes) or things they are interested in (like homewares) and these are things that people will re-pin.

I wonder where other brands fit in? I guess there is a place and its about finding that place. Like any social network its about being relevant.

Yesterday on twitter a few of us were having a conversation about it. I said that I really liked what the National Wildlife Ferderation were doing in the US. Sarah Hughes came back and said that she thought there was greater potential for causes to use Pinterest. She suggested that they dedicate a whole pin board to telling a story and how the charity impacted on the issue. So her example for the NWF was that they could have a “pinboard dedicated to the world’s smallest chameleon (3cms!) and the Foundation’s work to protect it”

I thought this was fantastic, (I had an old lightbulb moment!!). How do you think you could or will use Pinterest…or will you? I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you’d like to follow me on Pinterest…here I am

If you are looking for some more information on Pinterest, here is a link to the Ultimate guide to Pinterest!


3 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. Hi Conor, I am following you on Pinterest, and my passion for pinning has been growing the more I’ve been using it. I see great potential for non profits to create awareness and grow their audience. I especially like the idea of user generated boards. My main area of interest is breast cancer information and i have set up some cancer resources and healthy lifestyle boards.

    • Hi Marie, thanks for the comment…yes I am enjoying following you on Pinterest. I am the same…getting more and more into it. It is one of my go-to networks now…thats a big commitment!!

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