Date Stamped Pillows

I’m not sure when I changed my pillows last, or how I decide to. Id say that when they go a bit flat, I decide its time to buy some new ones.

Apparently its a bit of a problem for the pillow industry. Ultimately impacting pillow sales. So Tontines had an idea….tell people when they should change their pillow!

Genius. Their activity (a $5 million media spend apparently) was clearly going to provide a boost to the category as a whole. But the date stamping is clearly the differentiator for them. I think it would be hard for others to replicate the idea. The whole campaign ran for only five days initially, and it was hugely successful. Sales of Tontine date-stamp pillows rose by 345%   (Tontine was aiming for a 30% increase). And apparently this was sustained for several months after the campaign. Happy Soldiers was the agency behind the campaign.

Tontine – Dated Pillows from Happy Soldiers on Vimeo.

(thanks to Bren in brando for telling me about this)



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