Don’t Be Proud

This is a great email from Drayton Bird:

When David drafted Ogilvy on Advertising he sent the manuscript to Joel and wrote “Kindly improve.”

The moral: always get someone else to look at your stuff. (I usually ask Al, who is a very good judge).

On one occasion, but only one, I edited some copy David wrote. He was very cunning – he sent it via someone else, who asked me “Could you look at some copy we’re thinking of running for the World Wildlife Fund”.

I was quite critical of one thing. Then I was astounded when the great man rang me and said “That was my copy – and you are right.”

The moral: don’t be proud.

If you’d like to know precisely what I said to David – where I quote his exact words – I tell the story in my second copywriting video.

In the first video, however, I do tell you what qualities David Ogilvy thought made a good copywriter – and who am I to disagree?

And who am I to disagree with Drayton Bird! / / / /


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