Your Life Is Social, Why Isn’t Your Company?

Mark Hillary posted this on the Huffington Post. He reminds us how, when facebook was first launched business scrambled to ban it…wasnt this the same with phones and email (no personal calls). Now companies are realising that, in fact, social is the key. And not just social media….its about being a social business. Mark references a quote from Jen McClure, the director of social media at news organization Thomson Reuters:

The term “social business” will become more ubiquitous as organizations of all types and sizes start to think of social technologies more strategically as business tools, not just marketing channels. And then it will eventually become a meaningless phrase as we come to realize that all business is, at its core, social.

As he says:

This is a complete about turn. Now executives are telling us that companies need to become more social. Of course there is a precedent for this, like the telephone calls, then email access, then the company mobile phone. New technologies are always seen as damaging to the enterprise, but end up being adopted as essential.

McClure is arguing that social media is going to fundamentally change companies and how they operate. Forget about social media being just a tool for PR or marketing or community building — it is changing every part of the enterprise, root and branch.

This is taken for granted in your personal life. So your own life really is social and connected, yet most companies still languish with CRM systems that cost millions and have never really worked. Imagine if you had the same level of knowledge about your colleagues at work, and your customers, as you have about your friends online.

Companies are just collections of people, with various skills, all attempting to pull in the same direction. Companies are social, yet we often use better tools to organize our social life than to organize how we work.

Source, Huffington Post


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