Should Tippex just left it well enough alone?

I was talking about the Tippex youtube campaign last week and yesterday morning I was looking at it again. It was great (check it out below) and really effective, 19 million views!

Then yesterday I saw they had released a second version of the campaign on you tube. I just wonder should they have left something brilliant alone and not gone back to try and re-live their success. Surely the success of the first campaign was in its originality? This one is, unfortunately, not original. It is using the platform brilliantly, but its been done. It feels like a film that was successful that does a sequel to rake in the cash. Maybe, given there is a two year gap, enough time has lapsed to justify the spend here. But I just wonder should the brief been to move it on by two years, not just replicate what was already done.

In my humble opinion, I think they should have either moved this on, or left it alone.

What do you think. (watch the two ads below):

2010 Ad


2012 Ad


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