Fundraising Ireland looking for a CEO

Fundraising Ireland has come so far in 5 short years and especially in the past three years with Ed working as Business Development Manager. I think it would be fair to say they have done a lot to professionalise the sector, in terms of training and development but also in terms of its perception as being a profession.

The hard work of the Board and Ed has been rewarded by funding that will see the organisation develop even further. That is why they are now looking for a CEO to lead them into their next phase of growth.

If you want to find out more or apply, check out the Fundraising Ireland site.

The Pain Squad App

This goes to prove your starting point cant be…lets make an app, it is….how can mobile make things simpler for people.

Wonderful work by Sick Kids.

Made By Waves

Quiksilver was made for waves, but as it grew it potentially damaged the ocean. So this is what they did, being true to what made them famous

“Good marketing is solving things for people” – Stefan Olander, Nike

[Source, Rosie Baker, Marketing Week]

Nike’s vice president of digital sport Stefan Olander, says Nike created an “ecosystem” of digital services with digital fitness services Nike Plus and Silver Cyber Lion winner at Cannes Fuel Band that complement its product range and encourage consumers to connect with the brand daily. In doing so, Nike has built a marketing strategy into a business strategy, according to Olander. He adds:

“Nike Plus was an experiment, but good marketing is solving things for people, making things easier and helping people get better at what they want to do. If that works, you can turn it into a service, when it becomes a service it becomes a component of your business.

“When you have millions of people that come back and reconnect with your brand multiple times a week, your realise that that connection is more valuable and powerful than any traditional pushed marketing messages.”

Presenting to delegates at the industry event, Olander said:

“In classic marketing, buying the product is the end of the relationship. The thinking has completely shifted so that the purchase of any Nike product needs to be the beginning if the relationship. [with Nike Plus] we created a link stronger that anything we could ever say in our communications.”

Post from Japan

Apps work when they provide a solution to a problem, granted this one is time limited (ie only relevant when you are in Japan) but still its a great solution to a problem. (via Goodbuzz)

Begging for Likes

I was asked this week to post about a company that was going to donate to a cause for every like they get and then over on Facebook I saw one of my favourite charities promoting the same thing, 1 like means €1 (up to a max of €2,000!).

I really question the logic of this approach. From the cause perspective I see the quick win….they get a potential 2k for not a whole lot of effort. But they are asking their own connections to take this action. Now perhaps the donors get the deal, in other words they dont mind the ask because the charity they like gets some cash and they don’t have to do a whole lot. I would question the entry level of this activity. To me 2k seems pretty low.

From the companies perspective, I get the perceived win, they get their name in front of a wider audience, they dont have to really donate a whole lot and they are seen to be doing a great thing. But what happens when they get those new likes? What are they going to do with the new likes, they have come through to you for one reason, so a charity gets cash….not because they like who you are or what you are doing.

What I would love to know is after the deadline passes, how many of those people stay on liking your page.

In my view, giving cash to charity and driving people to your Facebook page are two different activities that should be treated differently, don’t muddy the waters.


A 12 Word Social Media Policy

Don’t Lie, Don’t Pry
Don’t Cheat, Can’t Delete
Don’t Steal, Don’t Reveal

 From the Mayo Clinic

Charity Miles

Have asked before what role apps have for charities, so why would someone download a charity donation app to make a donation. I dont see the role. This is a great idea to mobilise a charity partnership. Nice idea

People Against Dirty

I had never heard of Method, they make cleaning products  “that work, for you and for the planet, ones that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the nose. it’s a tall order but we wouldn’t want to do anything else”

What I like even more is that they call themselves “People Against Dirty” and they weave this into their entire brand story. Really nice site, really nice product range and then some nice ads (flight of the concords style) that are entertaining and get the message across. Plus they are creating a bit of a movement socially with this, something you can engage with. Well worth checking them out

What Starbucks Did Wrong.

You probably heard the furore around Starbucks on Twitter this week. They tweeted this to their Irish account.

The reaction to it was both ones of outrage:

and humour

So was this a Social Media disaster? Probably not. Were they to be scolded for posting a UK post to an Irish account. No, at worst it was a silly mistake (who hasnt made one of those). For me where they got this all wrong was in their response to the error.

Their tone of voice here is awful, its bland, corporate, boring. For a company who has a mission statement that states:

When we are fully engaged, we connect with, laugh with, and uplift the lives of our customers – even if just for a few moments. Sure, it starts with the promise of a perfectly made beverage, but our work goes far beyond that. It’s really about human connection

It seems way off brand. There was no human connection at all (and there hasnt been since with a noticeable lack of communication on twitter). They seem to use it as a broadcast channel. So what could they have done? Well they simply needed to post a response that was honest and looked like a person wrote it. How about

“oops…we just tweeted to the wrong account…sorry, we do the tweets for UK from one place, so we just hit the wrong button..”

I would have followed that up with a:

“To say sorry would you prefer 10% off a latte or capuccinno tomorrow, tweet your preference and we will let you know what wins #tábrónorainn”

Then spend a little bit of time engaging with people who tweeted, no need to engage with all the 800 years of hurt people, but those that had fun with it, have a bit of fun too. Remember its about human connection!! For a brand who was in 12th position of the Social Brands report….they seem to have approached this really poorly. At the end of the day, its a storm in a tea cup, but I think they could have really made something of this and built an even better connection with their Irish fans.