Begging for Likes

I was asked this week to post about a company that was going to donate to a cause for every like they get and then over on Facebook I saw one of my favourite charities promoting the same thing, 1 like means €1 (up to a max of €2,000!).

I really question the logic of this approach. From the cause perspective I see the quick win….they get a potential 2k for not a whole lot of effort. But they are asking their own connections to take this action. Now perhaps the donors get the deal, in other words they dont mind the ask because the charity they like gets some cash and they don’t have to do a whole lot. I would question the entry level of this activity. To me 2k seems pretty low.

From the companies perspective, I get the perceived win, they get their name in front of a wider audience, they dont have to really donate a whole lot and they are seen to be doing a great thing. But what happens when they get those new likes? What are they going to do with the new likes, they have come through to you for one reason, so a charity gets cash….not because they like who you are or what you are doing.

What I would love to know is after the deadline passes, how many of those people stay on liking your page.

In my view, giving cash to charity and driving people to your Facebook page are two different activities that should be treated differently, don’t muddy the waters.



3 thoughts on “Begging for Likes

  1. My biggest marketing peeve in 2012 is ‘Like’ chasing. I’ve written a few blogs on this in the last 6 months. Sure, the numbers may look good in the short term. But in the longer term, in my view, it’s bad for a company / brand as those ‘Likes’ have been acquired for the wrong reasons. People should be engaging because they want to.

  2. If you do it then fail to post anything interesting or share worthy, Facebook dumps you into the bottom 85% of pages that don’t come up in your feed any way. The best way to build. Business page is by being interesting…… After giving away free stuff of course!

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