Did O2 UK get it right or wrong?

I’ve read two interesting posts this week that look at how O2 (UK) dealt with their network outage last week. Both take differing views. The first, from the respectable Social Media Today site, has the oddest of headlines “O2 Tweets a Primer on Dealing with Rude Customers”. Now some of the tweets were plain rude

But O2’s response seemed, to me, to be off brand. Now while, on the surface, they seem amusing, would they have made you feel like this was a brand that was working hard to resolve the issue? I am all for a human tone, but just wonder if this was a bit to matey/piss-takey? According to Social Media Today “It was a high risk strategy, but has resonated with both the majority of customers and the wider Twittersphere”

In stark contrast, David Taylor of the Brandgym Blog, couldnt have been more frustrated with O2 and their reponse to the issue. According to him there were a number of ways they failed:

  • a hard to find message on their website,
  • their call centre was hard to get through to (probably understandable),
  • O2 didnt offer a short term solution (even though their customers found one)

His biggest gripe was with their tone on Twitter. He gives them credit for using the social network for engaging with customers but found the tone lacekd “empathy in understanding how big a nightmare it is to have no mobile phone.”

What seems to be worse for Taylor, is that the follow up to the issue was slow and unapologetic. They offered a thank you (for bearing with us) and £10 priority moment credit, and it took a week for this to happen.

Now I am not an O2 UK customer, I am a huge fan of the brand, and imagine this is a blip. But will it do lasting damage? I suppose the good news for O2 is other networks wont be able to come out and say “Come over to us, this will never happen if you join our network“…coz it probably will! What do you think?



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