Can Livestrong Live on?

When I heard about the Lance Armstrong ban, I was kind of gutted. I am not alone in not knowing the detail of what has gone on and Im not going to give my opinion here (tempted as I am). One of the first things I wondered was what impact it would all have on his foundation Livestrong. The foundation was set up by Armstrong, who was already a well known cyclist, and it was inextricably linked to, not only his recovery, but his subsequent Tour wins. The two, in so many ways are one, just look at the name.

As with any “bad” news story around leadership, surely this would impact the brand? Apparently it has, but not in the way I would have expected. What happened? According to USA Today

  • By 3:30 p.m. Friday, Livestrong had received donations from 411 contributors, almost 10 times as many as Thursday, which had 42 donors.
  • Livestrong received $80,000 from online donors Friday, up from an average day of around $3,000. By the Saturday this had gone to  $148,950.
  • It had sold about $13,000 in merchandise, more than tripling the $4,000 total from Thursday.
  • The foundation needed three full-time workers to help respond to emails flooding its general mailbox. 98% of the messages were positive.

According to the foundations CEO the organisation is feeling a sense of relief that the whole thing is now behind them, which makes you wonder did Armstrong take his descision to help his foundation? Did he feel the foundations work and legacy was more important than his own? Well his statement gives a hint to this being the case:

“We have a lot of work to do and I’m looking forward to an end to this pointless distraction,” Armstrong, one of the world’s most famous cancer survivors, said in his statement. “I have a responsibility to all those who have stepped forward to devote their time and energy to the cancer cause.”

Armstrong has become more than a cyclist that broke records, he is an activist, he is a change maker. In many ways the foundation has actually become bigger than the man who founded it. Maybe that is why it and he will survive this “crisis”

There have been financial impact to the foundation, and this is to be expected. Armstrong is banned from cycling, so this means he can’t compete in Triathlons, so the deal he had with the World Triathlon Corporation, in which Armstrong would compete in WTC events in exchange for $1 million for the foundation, is off the table, because he cannot compete in Triathlons. But Nike have come out and said they are standing behind Armstrong and the Foundation.

I think this quote from The Roar kind of sums up how a lot of people feel towards Armstrong and more importantly the foundation.

For what its worth, I own a framed cycling jersey that is signed by Lance Armstrong. It will continue to hang proudly on my office wall. In my eyes his signature represents excellence and the fight against cancer. 

And the figures cited above seem to back that up.





For what its worth, I own a framed cycling jersey that is signed by Lance Armstrong. It will continue to hang proudly on my office wall. In my eyes his signature represents excellence and the fight against cancer. We, the fans, will ultimately decide the value of the Lance Armstrong brand.

Sorry Harry – from Lynx

Lynx have responded quickly to the Prince Harry Las Vegas stories with these clever ads, apologising to him if it had anything to do with them (ie, he uses Lynx and therefore scantily clad women can’t help themselves!).

Clever and quick reaction (which I like most)


Quiet Time

I probably havent been all that loud recently, but I will be very quiet for a few weeks, taking some time…some Conor Time!

Expecting lots of this…but who cares, I can sleep!!

Speed Dating to meet – your new cat!

Saw this on the DSPCA facebook page and thought it was very clever.

Buying through Twitter

Maybe I am slow coming to this? But saw this tweet last night from my friend David Wolman where he was selling his book (The End of Money) through twitter. How cool is that! All you have to do is reply to the tweet with the word buy!

Ok, so you do have to sign up to Chirpify for your order to be processed, but once you are, all you have to do for future purchases is reply to a tweet with the word buy! So its like amazon one click purchasing on twitter.

Genius stuff. Think of the possibilities!


Start your sale in your competitors store

Meat Pack wanted to attack their competitors, so they decided to start a sale in their stores. They tracked their customers (assume they had permissions!) and via GPS when they saw that they were in a competitors store they did this: