Asthma Coach App

Apps are tough for people to get right. In my very humble opinion they really have to add value to someones life, enough value that a person will download it in the first place and then use it again (and again). There are some great ones out there that we all use (most of Europe seems to be using WhatsApp!).

I saw someone post on Facebook this morning about this app, I probably should know, but I am guessing their kid (or kids) have asthma, so they thought this was (and I quote) ‘genius’.

The app allows users to record and track their asthma symptoms, medication usage and peak flow to help them control their condition. Users may also share the diary and a graph of their asthma activities with their healthcare professional if they wish. The Asthma Coach also provides users videos on how to correctly use inhalers and other devices, what to do in an emergency and how to test your peak flow.

The free app can be used by anyone with asthma and can also be used by the parent of a child with asthma to help track their condition.

Dr Basil Elnazir, of The National Children’s Hospital, Tallaght and Chairperson of the Asthma Society Medical Committee, said, “We hope that the app will help young people to engage in managing their own asthma. They form lifelong health habits in these years, so if they start to control their asthma now this will help them throughout their lives. We can’t change whether people have asthma or not but we can help to change their outcomes through management of their condition. The app will help them to do this in partnership with their healthcare professional.’

The project was enabled through an unrestricted educational grant from Pfizer Healthcare Ireland. The app also includes a pollen forecast from March-November, which is supported by Dyson.

How to access Asthma Coach:
The app is available to download from the Apple App Store –  the mobile website is available here

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