I love 8tracks

ImageBack in the day I used to spend all my time and money on music. I managed to get a really nice collection together, all CD’s (which seems old schoolish now!). I never really bought into downloads (weird for someone who loves all things digital) but I loved the physicality of a CD purchase.

Of course now music is way (way, way) down the list of things I spend money on. No regrets at all, but I sometimes miss that moment of hearing a new band/artist for the first time. Discovering something new, that wow moment when you hear something different for the first time.

I was introduced to 8tracks maybe a year ago and its re-ignited my passion for music (still can’t afford to buy any) but I am getting that joyous experience again of hearing new things for the first time.

I am sure there are loads of sites like 8tracks out there, but I am a huge fan (yes I love it). I can follow friends selections, their recommendations and it throws up recommendations to me based on my previous listening habits. Even the sign up and login are simple and user friendly. The site is easy to look at and navigate.I know this seems pretty obvious, lots of sites serve you with the most relevant information, but 8tracks seems to get it right, there is clearly some smart technology behind it.

And thats the interesting thing – its doesnt feel like its technology driven, it feels more like its user driven and the technology just makes it all happen somewhere in the background. Sites that make you feel smart for using them, serve you what is relevant to you and dont make you feel like you need a degree in IT to get around them are the ones that are winning. 8tracks is one of those.

And if you love music, check it out