My Free Breakfast


I got a great free breakfast this morning on Grafton Street thanks to Denny. All I had to do (after I realised they were actually there doing the free breakfast) was fill out a questionnaire while eating my breakfast. I was asked by the friendly staff to find the Facebook page on my phone (some free wi-fi would have been a great addition). I had to search for Dennyest1890 (yeh that was the name of the Facebook page). I couldnt find it, but when I searched for Denny the app that I needed popped up. The Facebook app was mobile friendly – so that was a relief – and really easy to use, and for those without facebook or smartphones they had paper and pen surveys to be filled out. I assume the results of the survey will form a press release in the coming weeks.


The whole experience was enjoyable and a nice way to start the 4 day week! As I sat there eating the fantastic Denny sausage, rasher and pudding (may as well give them some credit for decent grub!) – I just wondered about the scale of the whole thing. While I was there about 8 people were eating breakfast, four were tourists, nothing wrong with that, but where is the benefit to the brand & sales with that? It looks like the pop up  can hold about 30, so I worked out they are – at best – going to get 1,900 people through their doors this week. Is that really going to create a lift in sales for them – is that scale?

The costs of renting & kitting out the pop up shop, development of the app, creative and placement of advertising, prizes, PR etc… must be up around €70K (just a guesstimate) if not more. So if we take 70K the cost of each breakfast to Denny is €36. Im pretty sure you can buy a breakfast pack for about a fiver – so I would need to buy at least 7 breakfast packs before Denny see a return on their investment. With nothing encouraging me to purchase post experience, what are the chances I (or anyone else) will do that?

Social Capital

So you probably are thinking – right this isnt all about sales, there is brand building here and social capital will give the brand a lift? Thats a nice thought, but there was nothing encouraging me to share my experience. After I had filled out the Facebook survey there was nothing asking me to post to my wall that I had just had my free breakfast and was in with a chance to win a kitchen. There was no hashtag asking me to tweet a picture of me and my breakfast. I am happy with that kind of trade off and think most people are, so why wasnt it part of the flow of the experience. As it happened I did tweet about my breakfast and there has been no re-tweet (maybe they arent on twitter) and looking at Facebook there are no posts on their wall about the free breakfasts.

Im not saying this is a bad idea, I had a great time this morning, lovely breakfast, nice set up, nice people, easy to use app etc.. But I just wonder what the return for them will be in terms of sales lift or brand lift? Would be interested to hear.



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