Digital Reports to read

Adverblog is a great resource and posted these three must reads which I thought I would share here, enjoy:

we often work in uncharted territory and therefore spend much time thinking about the big question “What’s Next?”. Where and how do we spend our future creative efforts? For the benefit of brands, clients and agencies alike, we better get that one right. Read up on these three reports: Razorfish’s Outlook, Reactive’s Perspectives and VJ-Isobar’s FYI – and make the right calls for the future.

Jump With Derrick Rose

This is fantastic London got a chance to jump with Derrick Rose for a pair of his signature adidas shoes.

(PS Derrick Rose is a basketball player who currently plays for the Chicago Bulls)

Vine V’s Instagram

I’m starting to think that Instagram Video is way too long – at a whopping 15 seconds its incredible to think that its possibly too long. I am sure there is rationale behind the longer format but I think we are much more used to consuming short content – photos are most engaged with on Facebook and we are used to scanning tweets for nano seconds to see what interests us. People seem to be a lot more creative within the 6 seconds and when it extends to 15 it just seems to get boring!

If you want to check out some Vines and Instagrams this site, Vine V’s Instagram is a fun way to do it



70 Years of Vespa

For Vespa fans everywhere. Great visualisation of the product through time. For anyone who loves the brand they will love this piece of content.


Honda Summer Clearance Tweets

To announce their summer clearance sale Honda in the USA took to twitter to ask people about their gripes with their new cars using the hashtag #wantnewcar. Then on July 15th they responded to the customers with Vine videos, they even got celebrities like Rebecca Black involved (check out her vine here)

Results were good according to Brand Channel (via PSFKThe hashtag saw 6,895 Twitter mentions from 5,617 users with 14.8 million estimated Twitter impressions. The word “Honda” received an estimated 247 million impressions between July 14 and Tuesday morning.

Nothing about sales yet – but I’m sure it helped. Check out the TV spot supporting the campaign (ahh integrated!)


Barbie & Content Marketing

Did you ever think that connection would be made!

In my house Barbie is adored (along with Peppa, Rapunzel, Aladdin & Jasmin, big doggy and teddy!). And its not just my two and a half year daughter that loves Barbie, her mum is pretty into it too, my nieces and nephews are keen on it as well.

What has struck me lately is how brililant Barbie is at Content Marketing. Mattel have created some brilliant content on youtube, short 3 minute videos that pretty much showcase their product range. It’s all done really well though, the pieces are humourous and engaging. There is no hard sell, they don’t need to do that, but they keep Barbie top of mind. As a parent this content can help me out, so instead of having to watch a long cartoon or programme I can get away with a short 3 min Barbie video. It makes me feel good about the brand. My daughter isnt demanding a new Barbie everytime she sees one of these videos but it does make her want to play with her Barbie so the next time its time for a treat she may well choose Barbie (she may also well choose a big ball – who knows!).

It may seem surprising that Barbie is a queen of content, but when you think about it, it makes sense. This is one of the only pieces of content I am aware of, but I am sure there is a huge Content Marketing strategy in Mattel I am yet to stumble across!

And now to brigten up your Friday – here is a short piece about Barbies life in the dream house – enjoy!! (if i have to watch it you do too!)

Dove Camera Shy

A conversation in the office this morning prompted me to post this. I didn’t want to like this ad when I read about it, but then when I saw it I realised it was a powerful insight driven piece. The conversation in my office today was pretty much exactly the same as what is represented by this ad. What do you think?