The Genius ‘Sugarpova’ Stunt

SugarpovaYesterday social media, sports and news sites were buzzing with the news that Maria Sharapova was planning to legally change her name to Sugarpova for The US Open tournament. The Sugarpova story reminds me of the time Louis Walsh made up a story about his boyband boyzone being involved in a plane crash in Australia. It never happened!! But it made the front pages.

This was a genius piece of marketing/pr/content generation – call it what you will. It was practically free (bar the agencies hourly fee to come up with the idea and seed the news). It was all over the place and the brand awareness shot through the roof – globally.

I am sure distributors all across the globe are going to find it a lot easier to get the product in prime positions with retailers clammering to satisfy a demand and need that up to two days ago people didnt even know they had. Last year she sold 1.8 million bags of the sweets you can be sure that figure will double or treble off the back of this stunt.

Clearly this woman and her team get the new rules of media and created a story that people just couldn’t ignore, even if they wanted to. Sometimes less really is more

Cue tennis pun – Advantage Sharapova!


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