Five Key Trends in Search for 2014

Ok, I know its early for the 2014 predictions, but I found these views on search from Alan Boughen, SVP Global Search, Havas Media interesting. (Taken from a piece in iMediaConnect)

How do you expect search to evolve in 2014?

I think we’ll see five key trends set the tone next year:

Paid search strategies will continue evolving to take advantage of the Enhanced Campaigns features that roll out in Q4-13, including cross-device attribution and offline conversion tracking.

Optimising search campaigns and destination sites for mobile will be a continued focus as over 1/3 of all Search traffic will soon be mobile. Marketers and agencies will also have to start thinking about optimising campaigns for wearable devices, such as Google Glass, as their penetration increases.

Marketers will increasingly focus on SEO/PPC integration and understanding the effect of dialing down budgets – in particular, areas of their paid search campaign (e.g. branded keywords) and re-deploying budget in other areas (e.g. on non-branded/generic keywords).

More trademark cases will be decided and I anticipate that buying competitive trademark keywords will become an increasingly niche tactic.

There will be greater emphasis on the intersection of Social and SEM as Google and Bing continue their efforts to make Search more natural, conversational and personal.




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