A bad online check out – in real life

Hadnt seen this before….great reminder of how frustrating online purchases can be if not done well

Retailers embracing Digital

Econsultancy have had some good pieces recently on how retailers are embracing digital. The big fear for retailers seems to have been that customers are going to their store to view and try on products and then using their smartphones or going home and going online to get a better deal. With this mentality retailers turn their backs on digital as it is a threat and some have even tried to block internet access in their stores, so customers can’t do this. This kind of thinking makes you redundant. If you look at the likes of HMV who almost ran away from the threat of digital downloads, they are no practically irrelevant and constantly trying to catch up. On the flip side, if you embrace the technology and customer behaviour, you can win.

M&S are testing “an array of digital goodies” at one of its stores just outside Liverpool. According to Econsultancy the new store will  “…use high definition TV screens to showcase products, staff equipped with iPads, virtual counters, lots of QR codes and free wi-fi.” 

This is really smart by M&S, they are looking at consumer behaviour and trying to enhance the customer experience. I had a recent experience in a Schuh, where a shoe was out of stock in the store I was in and due to my 2 year old pulling every shoe from the displays and onto the floor, I had to leave. But I went on to their fantastic mobile enabled site and reserved a pair of the shoes from the store nearest to where I work.

By using digital technology you are enhancing your customers experience, in your store. This makes them more likely to want to stay there longer and the longer they stay the more likely they are to purchase.

We are going to see a lot more of this. Exciting stuff.

Buying through Twitter

Maybe I am slow coming to this? But saw this tweet last night from my friend David Wolman where he was selling his book (The End of Money) through twitter. How cool is that! All you have to do is reply to the tweet with the word buy!

Ok, so you do have to sign up to Chirpify for your order to be processed, but once you are, all you have to do for future purchases is reply to a tweet with the word buy! So its like amazon one click purchasing on twitter.

Genius stuff. Think of the possibilities!



Powerful piece, part of the NSPCC don’t wait until your certain campaig. Great use of their research to create a compelling piece.

Cashless Carol Singing

I live in a cashless world…mostly due to a lack of money…but I tend to not carry cash around with me. So the days of loose change, for me, are few and far between. I have posted before about how awful I feel in the supermarket at the weekend and there is a bag pack on and I can’t give any money (coz I jsut use my laser). The same thing is happening me now when I go past people singing Christmas carols – I have no cash so can’t donate.

So I really liked the look of this.  Christmas shoppers in Covent Garden were given pre-paid contactless cards to make a donation. For every time someone donated with a card through the payment system, £5 went to Help a Capital Child.

Ok, so you had to have a card, and you didnt make the donation, but this is the way forward. So we need to think about how this can be rolled out and the impact it will have on you and your organisation (for and not for profits)