Digital Trends in Ireland survey results.

Great way to present the summary findings by vocal

Users three times more likely to engage with video on mobiles than desktops

dot rising reported last week that “new data reveals that those who view videos on smartphones are nearly three times more likely to click through to a brand’s website than if viewing videos on laptops or desktops.”

The report by Unruly revealed new stats that show CTR on desktop at 5.45%, compared to a 13.64% on mobile. As well as this, the data highlights that interaction rates for mobile are up a massive 105.63% to 22.64% in Q3 2013.

dot rising comments that “The continual reports regarding the rise in popularity of mobile highlights that now, more than ever, brands must ensure their sites are successfully optimised for mobile and tablet users. As well as this, branching into the realm video marketing is also of utmost importance for companies looking to stay on-trend and relevant for consumers”

Smart mobile ad

I saw this on Best Ads and thought it was pretty smart:

To promote LG’s new smart phone G2, M&C Saatchi, Stockholm created a whole new way of making banners relevant to mobile users. The banners detect what phone you are using, compare it to the LG G2 and customize the message. The banners appeared in Scandinavian HTC’s, Samsungs and iPhones on the 4th of October, 2013.

Top 7 Marks Of A Great Client – SOdA report 2013

The SOdA report is well worth a read when it comes out and its free on iTunes or Slideshare. One of the articles I really enjoyed was this one, the top 7 marks of a great client. Its not a client bashing piece by any means, but for clients it helps you look at what you can do to get more out of your agency. And for agencies, you need to read this to see how you can help your clients get more out of you. This is a direct drag and drop from the report, so sorry if the images are low quality. Please do check out the original document here or download it here.

(Source: Stefan TornquistSOdA report, Vol1 2013)Top7Marks1



I did not know this…

Shaquille O’Neal, the basketball player, has a doctorate in Education. I did not know this.

I also did not know that Dr. Shaq is a  self confessed geek (according to Brian Solis). Always looking for the next tech thing:

He bypassed traditional media and announced his retirement on Tout, a platform that at the time had only been live for six weeks. Shaq was early to embrace Twitter where he still engages with his now 7 million fans. In fact, Jack Dorsey was once asked who he thought the ideal Twitter user was and his response was Shaq. Why? Because he’s engaged, it’s him, and he believes in community

Social Media Today

You learn something new everyday.

So far this may not have been a really useful post – but I think his mantra for social media will help, its

 60% to make you laugh, 30% to inspire you and 10% to let you know about this product.

At SXSW he took part in Pitch Shaq and is taking official meetings with two  startups, Speakerfy and Beam – worth a look

An Intro to Facebook Home

So Facebook didnt really launch a phone yesterday.

“I’m finally going to talk about that Facebook phone, or more accurately turn your phone into a great simple social device. Or turn your Android phone into a great social phone.” Mark Zuckerberg said “We asked ourselves — if we’re already spending this much time on our phones, how can we make it easier? What if they were designed around people first, and you could also just happen to interact with apps?”

Is this a game changer?

Apple Donation Box


This is clever, I would have lots of apps to put in there – most were free though