The Future of Retail (summary)

A summary of PSFK’s annual Future of Retail report, some interesting stuff in here if you havent seen it already

Digital Trends in Ireland survey results.

Great way to present the summary findings by vocal

The Irish Digital Consumer Report 2013

ImageReally clever idea by Digital Planner Shane O’Leary. He has created this really useful resource for people who are interested in digital stats. This is a great example of content marketing for a few reasons:

  1. Shane has created something people want (and are searching for)
  2. He has made it available to download through his site (driving visits)
  3. People are now more aware of digital planner Shane O’Leary
  4. Finally he has shown that content doesnt need to be intimidating or ridiculously long to be of value

If you would like your copy of the The Irish Digital Consumer Report 2013 – check out Shanes site here

Digital Reports to read

Adverblog is a great resource and posted these three must reads which I thought I would share here, enjoy:

we often work in uncharted territory and therefore spend much time thinking about the big question “What’s Next?”. Where and how do we spend our future creative efforts? For the benefit of brands, clients and agencies alike, we better get that one right. Read up on these three reports: Razorfish’s Outlook, Reactive’s Perspectives and VJ-Isobar’s FYI – and make the right calls for the future.

The New Facebook Insights

A video tutorial from John Haydon on the new Facebook Insights that you will see shortly, thought it would be handy to share. Thanks John for the content

Top 7 Marks Of A Great Client – SOdA report 2013

The SOdA report is well worth a read when it comes out and its free on iTunes or Slideshare. One of the articles I really enjoyed was this one, the top 7 marks of a great client. Its not a client bashing piece by any means, but for clients it helps you look at what you can do to get more out of your agency. And for agencies, you need to read this to see how you can help your clients get more out of you. This is a direct drag and drop from the report, so sorry if the images are low quality. Please do check out the original document here or download it here.

(Source: Stefan TornquistSOdA report, Vol1 2013)Top7Marks1



Good To Know


I sometimes get asked by people for digital stats in Ireland and it can be hard to track down the latest information. Well obviously the folks over at Publicis D have been asked the same question. So they have, cleverly, developed the Good To Know app.

The app will help you keep on top of the latest “good to know” trends, behaviors and market information in Ireland. Developed by Publicis Dublin, there are six sections of information for marketers that cover the economy, consumer trends, media consumption and digital behaviors.

Nice work!

download the app here Good To Know