Oreo Twist Dublin

You have probably noticed the Oreo ads recently. It is Oreo’s first advertising forray into the Irish market where they are putting the Oreo Twist on Dublin Landmarks and events. There are a total of 16 ads in the series, with the 16th being an event or place chosen by a reader of the TheJournal.ie.  The event ones, like the one below for the Bram Stoker Festival almost look like Oreo are sponsoring the events, when in fact they aren’t, they are just putting an Oreo twist on it.


The ads in the series (a selection of them are below) are all consistent in look and feel and simplicity. There is no mistaking they are from Oreo and as a way to launch the brand above the line in Ireland it feels like a good move.

Of course this is an extension of the hugely successful, Cannes Lions Cyber Grand Prix winning “Daily Twist” campaign which marked OREO’s centenary and made the cream-stuffed sandwich a social-media behemoth with incredible real-time culture jacking. There is a nice case study video which I have put at the end of this post for you.

Sadly this isn’t a sign of a new advertiser entering the market, the opportunity for Oreo is the result of PHD winning €150,000 of media space in JC Decaux’s “Fame – The Agency Edition” competition. I guess what it does go to show is the effectiveness of outdoor.

The work was done by Draftfcb London.


I just hope this means we will start to get some of the decent size packs of Oreos in the irish market now!



Digital Trends in Ireland survey results.

Great way to present the summary findings by vocal

Is Ryanairs’ Twitter strategy right?

So Ryanair has joined twitter and while I don’t claim to know their strategy they have set thir stall out pretty early. Launching the account they made it clear that they are not there to listen to complaints – essentially saying they have too many customers, and to the more cynical of us they are possibly saying they have too many complaints!


So Ryanair is on twitter for one reason (it seems) and that’s to sell us stuff!

And while there is nothing wrong with that as such, I would always suggest to brands that twitter should be about doing more than that. Customer care is a place a lot of service brands tend to go but there is more you can do.

A great example, bizarrely, is the Irish police Garda twitter account. They have shown fantastic personality and sense of humour on twitter

O2 in the UK had this funny “Ghetto Slang Exchange” recently


Here is another one from the USA between IHop and Simon Dumenco (seen on adage)


So Ryanair are clearly recognising that twitter is a channel they canno longer ignore, good news for twitter advocates as it shows the power of the platform, and I imagine we will see a lot more promoted tweets from them.

But is that enough?

In my view its not, so I hope Ryanair plan to do more, maybe get us behind the scenes at the airline and show us they actually can be likeable (even if they don’t really want to hear about your complaints!). This early tweet suggests they might be ready to have some fun, lets hope so

Twitter’s new “Conversations” feature

More Twitter news!!

Twitter have unveiled a new Conversations feature.  A vertical blue line that  that connects conversations. Up to now Tweets appeared in a reverse chronological order. To follow deeper threads, Twitter includes a clickable link to instantly  “view replies.”  The advantage of this move, according to Brian Solis is around the longevity of tweets, he says

“If the lifespan of a Tweet meme is minutes, conversations theoretically would introduce longevity into the mix thus keeping people engaged in micro conversations within the greater real-time conversation.”


Twitter Buys 2nd Social TV Analytics Firm

TwitterTVTwitter has acquired social its second Social TV analytics firm with the announcement of its purchase of Trendrr last week.

According to Lost Remote:

“Trendrr’s specialty is social TV analytics, but the company’s Curatorr product — which recently joined Twitter’s certified products programme — enables companies to curate and display custom Twitter experiences. “(We) will work with media companies, marketers, and display ecosystem partners to create compelling user experiences – continuing to pursue our initial charter of focusing on the real-time aspects of TV and media,” Ghunheim said.

This will enable Twitter to offer more comprehensive solutions for brands and media partners, tied into its own analytics and advertising products. Trendrr said it would continue to honor partner contracts for Trendrr.TV, but it does not plan to bring on any new clients moving forward.”

Twitter are clearly commited to TV metrics, late last year it developed a partnership with Nielsen to develop a Twitter TV Rating tracking audience social media activity and earlier this year Twitter bought social TV metrics firm  Bluefin Labs and late last year



It’s now Easier to Administer Promotions on Facebook

In case you missed it yesterday. Facebook are making it easier to run promotions! Straight from the Facebook for business page
We’ve updated our Pages Terms in order to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to create and administer promotions on Facebook. Here’s what Page administrators need to know:
We’ve removed the requirement that promotions on Facebook only be administered through apps
Now, promotions may be administered on Page Timelines and in apps on Facebook. For example, businesses can now:
  • Collect entries by having users post on the Page or comment/like a Page post
  • Collect entries by having users message the Page
  • Utilize likes as a voting mechanism
As before, however, businesses cannot administer promotions on personal Timelines.
Accurate tagging is required in promotions
In order to maintain the accuracy of Page content, our Pages Terms now prohibit Pages from tagging or encouraging people to tag themselves in content that they are not actually depicted in. So, for instance:
  • It’s OK to ask people to submit names of a new product in exchange for a chance to win a prize
  • It’s not OK to ask people tag themselves in pictures of a new product in exchange for a chance to win a prize
We hope these updates will enable more businesses to use Facebook to launch their promotions. For more information regarding the changes to our promotions policies, check out our downloadable Promotion Guidelines, which include FAQs and best practices for running promotions through Facebook.

Is Content Marketing part of your mix?

Marketing Directors are searching for that something that will help them measure things in a more scientific way, but don’t want data for data’s sake,  they want something that will actually start to shift the needle for business growth but that is clearly linked to ROI.  A big ask, but something the digital space is really starting to live up to, especially with the increased emphasis on content marketing.

There is a danger of getting distracted by the shiny ball and I don’t for one second subscribe to the view that content marketing is going to kill advertising. But it is certainly changing the landscape significantly. The funnel has become more complicated now and we all know how savvy consumers are these days. It’s no longer possible to put lipstick on bad business. As agencies we need to help our clients to do more and move people from being strangers to customers and ultimately promoters of their products.

Content marketing is an incredible tool in your armoury. It is not a shallow advertisement, a blatant self-promotion or an attempt to trick readers. It is about great content that is interesting and engaging. Content that people want to share with a friend, or that makes them feel differently about a brand. Many brands are engaged in a race to the bottom and competing on price, but this isn’t a strategy for the long term, it doesn’t make people feel anything, you are just something on their functional list of “to-dos”.

It is brining relationship marketing into the connected world and offers relevant scientific data that allows you to make informed decisions on.  The days of people saying that “50% of my advertising works, I’m just not sure which 50%” is over. Even the biggest of companies can and should now act like lean star-up’s, testing and tweaking and amplifying what is working to drive better leads and convert more sales.

Shiny Ball warning again. There is of course a danger of getting distracted by a creative shiny ball. As Patrick Collister, a creative director for over 25 years and now at Google says “Within some digital agencies, people tend to think platforms are a substitute for ideas, but you need both. Technology drives creativity, but it doesn’t lead it”.

These are interesting times and I certainly believe that a content marketing strategy should be forming a part of your companies digital strategy.

The Genius ‘Sugarpova’ Stunt

SugarpovaYesterday social media, sports and news sites were buzzing with the news that Maria Sharapova was planning to legally change her name to Sugarpova for The US Open tournament. The Sugarpova story reminds me of the time Louis Walsh made up a story about his boyband boyzone being involved in a plane crash in Australia. It never happened!! But it made the front pages.

This was a genius piece of marketing/pr/content generation – call it what you will. It was practically free (bar the agencies hourly fee to come up with the idea and seed the news). It was all over the place and the brand awareness shot through the roof – globally.

I am sure distributors all across the globe are going to find it a lot easier to get the product in prime positions with retailers clammering to satisfy a demand and need that up to two days ago people didnt even know they had. Last year she sold 1.8 million bags of the sweets you can be sure that figure will double or treble off the back of this stunt.

Clearly this woman and her team get the new rules of media and created a story that people just couldn’t ignore, even if they wanted to. Sometimes less really is more

Cue tennis pun – Advantage Sharapova!

Digital Reports to read

Adverblog is a great resource and posted these three must reads which I thought I would share here, enjoy:

we often work in uncharted territory and therefore spend much time thinking about the big question “What’s Next?”. Where and how do we spend our future creative efforts? For the benefit of brands, clients and agencies alike, we better get that one right. Read up on these three reports: Razorfish’s Outlook, Reactive’s Perspectives and VJ-Isobar’s FYI – and make the right calls for the future.

Jump With Derrick Rose

This is fantastic London got a chance to jump with Derrick Rose for a pair of his signature adidas shoes.

(PS Derrick Rose is a basketball player who currently plays for the Chicago Bulls)

Vine V’s Instagram

I’m starting to think that Instagram Video is way too long – at a whopping 15 seconds its incredible to think that its possibly too long. I am sure there is rationale behind the longer format but I think we are much more used to consuming short content – photos are most engaged with on Facebook and we are used to scanning tweets for nano seconds to see what interests us. People seem to be a lot more creative within the 6 seconds and when it extends to 15 it just seems to get boring!

If you want to check out some Vines and Instagrams this site, Vine V’s Instagram is a fun way to do it



Honda Summer Clearance Tweets

To announce their summer clearance sale Honda in the USA took to twitter to ask people about their gripes with their new cars using the hashtag #wantnewcar. Then on July 15th they responded to the customers with Vine videos, they even got celebrities like Rebecca Black involved (check out her vine here)

Results were good according to Brand Channel (via PSFKThe hashtag saw 6,895 Twitter mentions from 5,617 users with 14.8 million estimated Twitter impressions. The word “Honda” received an estimated 247 million impressions between July 14 and Tuesday morning.

Nothing about sales yet – but I’m sure it helped. Check out the TV spot supporting the campaign (ahh integrated!)


The New Facebook Insights

A video tutorial from John Haydon on the new Facebook Insights that you will see shortly, thought it would be handy to share. Thanks John for the content

Risk the idea – Cannes 2013 review

You have probably seen a lot of these already, but this is a great summary of Cannes 2013 – enjoy


This is your turf

Man Utd have launched a campaign that is quite simply, in its simplicity, genius.

They totally understand their fans – they live and breath the club – it is a central part of their lives. So instead of just whipping up the turf and relaying it, they are giving their fans a chance to win a piece of “their” turf in a campaign they have called This Is Your Turf.

Simple, well thought out, well executed, social, engaging off season- ah need I go on!