Need to explain Digital to your colleagues?


I found this presentation from Greg Pouy on adverblog and thought it would be good to share. Sometimes we do need to explain digital to people who may not quite get it, and most times its ok that they dont, but sometimes it helps you manage processes and expectations if they do understand some of the elements.

A practical guide to social media for charities and social enterprises.

But I think this will be useful to lots of people. Click here to go to the guide (produced by Unity Trust Bank and Social Misfits Media)

Digital Fundraising Conference at your desk

Conferences are often hard to get to, a few days out of the office, then there is the expense of travel and hotels. That is one of the things that makes the Resource Alliance Fundraising Online Conference so clever! You can attend an amazing conference, with presentations on the latest ideas and initiatives in digital fundraising by top global speakers, from your own desk!

The conference takes place on May 15th & 16th.

The cast of presenters will include

  • Jonathon Grapsas of flat earth direct (Australia) inspiring delegates to “Think Mobile’
  • Marcelo Iniarra, one of the global pioneers of digital mobilisation within the social sector who will share fundraising concepts for new media
  • Leah Eustace from Good Works (Canada) who will talk on the use of narrative to increase fundraising online.

All the sessions can be attended live (with the opportunity for questions) or watched as video recordings to allow for the different time zones of worldwide delegates. Find out more here

The art of delegation

Its probably ridiculously obvious to state that I admire Richard Branson, but I do! I mentioned a blog post that he did last year to someone recently. The stand out from the post was how Branson used to go into a company once it had 100 staff, ask the MD who his two best staff members were and then he would take them and set up a whole new company!

Another important task is to make sure the companies don’t get too big too quickly. If anything, we have a bias to keep things smaller rather than larger. The feeling and the way that we run them, with delegation that we push down into the companies, is not a very corporate fashion. We tend to manage our businesses in a much more delegated style, where we empower the managements to manage.

The record company division was quite a good example. Where we had 100 people in a record company. I would go in and ask to see the deputy managing director, the deputy sales manager, the deputy marketing manager and say: “You are now the managing director, the marketing manager, the sales manager of a new company and you can take 50 people from this company and go to another building.”

Then when those two companies got to another 100 people each we did it again. In the Notting Hill Gate area we ended up having 18 different record companies. 18 different switchboards too, we didn’t try to save on central costs. With the combination of them put together, we had the biggest independent record company in the world – the fifth biggest overall.

I also really admired how he is so open about the fact that he knew what he didnt know and knew that he should surround himself with people who were better than him in certain areas. I think all too often we believe we have to be great at all aspects of our business and that it is a sign of weakness to admit that you arent. I think employers often don’t help this perception. I think knowing what you dont know is as important as knowing what you do.

I realised I couldn’t do everything myself. I had to learn the art of delegation and try to find people who are better than me to run the companies – that wasn’t that difficult!

Also, finding people who are more managerially-inclined rather than entrepreneurially-inclined was important. So from an early age I would always try to put myself out of business so I would be free to think about how to take the Virgin Group into a new era. One of the jobs was to find a great managing director for the Virgin Group, which I did in Stephen Murphy.

(see the original post here)

World Non Profit & Social Marketing Conference

Following on from the 2008 conference in Brighton this conference will bring together those interested in applying strategic communications, marketing and behaviour change methodology to solve key social challenges. Speakers will be from areas such as social marketing, the behavioural sciences, strategic communications, health promotion, community engagement, policy development and advocacy, and more.

Themes that will be used to structure the conference key notes, parallel programme and workshops will be:

  • Rational and Non rational behaviour and how to influence it
  • Intersectoral collaboration to tackle behavioural challenges
  • Global learning systems including the new Global Social Marketing Network

Taking place in Citywest Dublin on April 11 & 12, you can book tickets here

Free Stuff – sort of!

Bid for a Wii Fit and 2 Free Tickets to Fundraising Irelands Direct Marketing: Maximising the Impact seminar next Friday. The amount you bid gets donated to a charity of your choice!

Its simple all you have to do is tweet your bid and the charity you want to donate to. Use this tweet as your template

I Bid €XXX to win a Wii Fit & 2 tickets to @Fundraising_Ire seminar I will donate to @YourCharityName #MaxTheImpact

Kick Start 2011

Most people are back to work today and if you are too I hope you had a great break. No doubt you are sitting down and looking back over 2010 and thinking about the fundraising year ahead. Well if you are Ask Direct have a great half day seminar next week which looks like a great way to help you Kick Start 2011. You can book your tickets here

The seminar, on Friday Jan 14th, 1.30-5.30pm,  will feature Ken Burnett, who  is being flown over especially for the event.

This is a great opportunity to meet, hear and chat to one of the most inspirational fundraising professionals out there. Ken is the author of several books on donor development and communication, including Relationship Fundraising and The Zen of Fundraising. He acted as Chairman of Trustees at ActionAid from 1998 to 2003 and most recently he founded and is  managing trustee for SOFII, the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration.

Ken plans to talk about things like:

  • How we should make donors feel
  • But, what’s happening to our donors?
  • Seven simple yet transformational concepts.
  • Eight things I don’t want to hear in 2011
  • How to create intangible value.
  • Lessons from cigarette ads.
  • Innovation analysed. And made easy.

The half day seminar will also feature Damian O’Broin who is the Director of Ask Direct, Ireland’s leading fundraising and direct marketing agency. Damian believes that convincing lots of ordinary people to support your cause is vital if you want to achieve your goals and build a sustainable organisation in the process. Damian will be talking about some of the most successful fundraising campaigns from the last 12 months and how you can apply the learning from these to your own work.

We tend to have to wait until March/April before we get a chance to attend something like this, so this is a great opportunity to kick start your year off in an inspirational way.

And if you, like me, come away from sessions like this with lots of ideas and then run out of time to implement them, here is a great post by Jonathan Graspas about how to approach conferences in a way that will maximize them for you….I will be using this for the Kick Start 2011 seminar!

Book your tickets here for Kick Start 2011