The Other You

Jonathan Grapsas posted a link this morning on Twitter about a campaign called The Other You. And I was intrigued.

I had no idea who or what it was for and when I got to the site, it wasn’t all together clear (not a bad thing). I really liked the idea behind the piece.  Essentially that there is another you, a person who, if you had the time would do great things to help people.

Action Aid is recognising that its not that people dont care. Its that people dont have the time. But Action Aid have people who they employ to do these things, in the places that you would be if you had that time. So you can help make these things happen by supporting their work.

I think its a nice insight and its a different way of looking for funds. Its also project focussed. The microsite is good, simple to use. When you pick a project you meet actual Action Aid staff and read their story and what they do (videos may have been nice here).

I do think I was left feeling a bit meh after this video though, that would be my only gripe. Overall I think its a nice idea built on a good insight.

What do you think?

What would the other you do? from ActionAid Australia on Vimeo.

Greenpeace: VW Dark Side Campaign

You have probably seen and heard of this. They have taken off the VW Super Bowl ad (which was awesome). Not only have they done a great job on the ad re-make (which I have below in case you havent seen it), their VW Dark Side supporting site is very nice, using all the star wars terminology to keep the message consistent.

They have also incentivized you to get supporters and make it easy too. Once you start you get an email that tells you that you are now a trainee Jedi. You are then encouraged to recruit others:

Every person who visits your page will give you 1 Force Point. Everyone who joins the Rebellion through your page will give you 5 Force Points.

As your power grows, you’ll unlock special tools and companions to help your Rebellion grow.

If you complete all the skills and companions you’ll receive a limited edition Greenpeace t-shirt, to use when your Jedi robes need a break.

Join us – you’re our only hope.

The site is charming and engaging and successful, so far 173,000 people have joined the rebellion. It is hard to believe VW arent hearing the noise Greenpeace are making.

Join the force yourself, you can check out my page here!

I hadn’t heard about until last week. Nice take on the deals/groupon sites. So instead of getting a deal you get a notification about a charity. A different charity every day. The charity stays on the site with a countdown clock. When their time is up the new charity gets promoted. Nice idea. And now they have teamed up with paypal. I assume this means the donations will be processed through paypal (so you can donate through your paypal account). Not clear from the site yet how else the partnership will work.

One to keep an eye on/replicate/join?

The Lottery of Life

I don’t know about you but I sometimes think about the Lottery of Life, how my life could have been different based on where I was born.  Save the Children commissioned Swedish advertising agencies Lowe Brindfors and B-Reel to build “The Lottery of Life” in order to give users the opportunity to see where they might have otherwise been born.

When you log on to the site the intro tells you about the lottery of life and then you can connect with facebook (or just add your name) and then spin the wheel. Using population stats you will find out where you could have been born and are then exposed to stats about that country, like illiteracy rates, child mortality, poverty.

You can share your life ticket on Facebook, twitter and people can help you by donating or collecting more support through their own networks.

Here is a short video about the campaign. You can check out the site here, worth taking the time.


Here is a link to my Life ticket

Red Nose Day Augmented Reality

I am a huge fan of Red Nose day. Every year they up their game. They engage with people so well, I follow them on twitter and even when things are slow (ie out of campaign) they will pop up every now and then with little updates. They did fantastic stuff last week around their celebrity trek (there is another thing they do really well, celeb endorsements).

They also do digital really well. On their site there is a section where you can get code to embed some really nice online ads.

The site itself is well laid out, they have lots to say, which could become overwhelming and confusing, but they manage to keep it interesting and engaging. I am always tempted to go back and see what else I can find. Today I came across their Red Nose Augmented Reality game. Clever, fun, engaging. Check out how some random group of lads (oh they are a boyband) get one with the game.

Well done Red Nose Day, any wonder you keep breaking your previous years record!


Encourage Omar

This is a nice interactive campaign from Special Olympics GB, worth checking out

25 reasons Chris Lake will leave your site in 10 seconds!

This is  a great piece by Chris Lake posted on EConsultancy. Some of the stuff here most of you will know but always useful reminders. Things like:

  • Key information missing
  • Too much scrolling/flashing
  • PR speak/jargon

Worth a read, just click here



FREE Web Analysis

When you get told about something for free you think, where is the catch (well I do!). But this offer seems to be exactly what it says on the tin.

I was contacted by Emer Kirrane a few weeks back asking if I would be interested in posting about Analysis Exchange and regretably it took me a while to get around to it.

Essentially here is how it works:

The purpose of the Analysis Exchange is to provide “on-the-job” training for those interested in web analysis while offering free analytical insight to non-profit organisations. Each project is made up of a triad of oozy giving; the student, who does the analysis; the mentor, who provides ongoing feedback and direction; the organisation – which benefits from gaining insight into current online efforts and getting recommendations for optimisation.

The process takes two or three weeks and begins with the goals for the project being determined between mentor and organisation. The student then steams ahead with an analysis based on these goals, tapping the mentor for advice and feedback along the way. At the end of the period, the findings are presented to the organisation and then everyone breaks for ice-cream before grading each other on their participation (a highly exciting back-to-school feeling).

If you would like to be analysed just click here

To Russia With Love

This is a really great charity, they do some amazing work in really tough conditions. They have a massive impact on the lives of the children they help. Im a big fan. I like how they have used the Russian Dolls in this short video, very clever.

24 Hour Web Design Challenge

Here’s another possible freebie for you! Darragh Doyle posted about this on twitter the other night. 24 The Web is a 24 hour web design challenge, where teams of people build websites for a charity in 24 hours. The event will take place from 13th-14th November. They will be looking for (irish) charities that need a website and meet the following requirements:

  • You could never afford a website in a million years. (If you can afford one, hire a reputable designer/agency and have them build one for you – it’s a smart investment.) Plus we don’t want to take work away from people.
  • You have great content – photos, stories and copy. (We only have 24 hours so we need a decent amount of material to work with – remember you may need permission if you’ve pictures of children.)
  • You have someone who will keep your site up-to-date in the future. (We want to make you a living site that works hard for you.)

They can only pick three charities and there will be a form on the website soon so you can nominate your charity. Find out more about the whole event here

The Wheel Launches new website

The Wheel has launched a new version of its website today, the site will

offer free support and advice to anyone involved in community, voluntary or charitable work in Ireland ….and aims to encourage greater cooperation and skills-development in the community, voluntary and charitable sector

Hopefully the site will become a bit of a non profit hub for Irish organisations (maybe a bit like Fundraising UK?). This certainly should help…

At the heart of the new website is Sector Connector, an interactive space where people can exchange information and advice. Users can also access a comprehensive library of resource gcovering areas such as regulation, fundraising, financial management and governance. The website will also be home to Ireland’s largest database of funding sources; a jobs and volunteering section; a training section; a new directory of community and voluntary organisations and a year planner function to help organisations plan their national fundraising days and other major events.

The website can be accessed at:

The site was created with funding from the Vodafone Ireland Foundation and the People in Need Trust and will be maintained by The Wheel.

UNICEF – Carbon Positive

The idea behind this site is that you calculate your Carbon Footprint and understand the impact your carbon footprint is having on vulnerable children, you can then donate to help UNICEF in their work.

It’s not altogether clear to me if they work on projects that help off set your carbon footprint as such? Or if its just a case of maybe you feel bad that your carbon footprint is so high that you make a donation?

The site is nice though, the calculating is easy enough (although I got stuck on energy usage) and it makes a donation suggestion based on your footprint.

Came Across this on Civil Society

Dublin Simon Community Website

This is a fantastic site from Dublin Simon. You can donate to a project you like, just click on the available projects and find out more. Here are some screen grabs but got to the site if you want to take a detailed look. What a great way to engage donors in projects. The application is powered by Donor2Deed.

I came across this on Bryan Miller’s presentation at the Fundraising Ireland Conference.

I need your help

I hope you can help me out.

I am looking for some great examples of how charities display their income V’s expenditure on websites or in annual reports. I am looking for the most creative and the most donor friendly versions.

I have actually found it hard to get any examples but the ones I do find are similar to this one from the Red Cross (UK). Which is fine, but Im looking to find something really creative, clear and different.