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If you would like to contact me for information on this blog, what I do, how I can help you or your organisation please email me

Please leave comments on my posts, I read them all and will respond. Your feedback, thoughts, observations and comments are really appreciated. If you want to know more about me check out my Online CV or You can find or follow me here…




9 thoughts on “Contact, Follow or Find Me

  1. Hi
    I have just returned from the Resource Alliance IFC conference in Holland, where we hosted an impromptu session on fundraising in a recession.

    Thanks for putting up the link, but I am hoping it is not just us at Pareto Fundraising putting stuff up there, if you come across any data or reports please can you flag it up for me and I will get it up.

    On the blog we are planning on putting the latest news and opinions but it is going to have a serious data focus, ie what IS happening, not what is meant to be happening.

    Cheers, and thanks again.

    Oh, am putting a link on my personal blog, as well.



  2. I need help in gaining a sponsor.

  3. Hi Conor,

    i have signed up to this blog service as a result of your presentation at Fundraising Ireland conference earlier today. i found your presentation interesting, and unfortunaately too short. Well done. I am just finishing a master’s degree in Management for Community and Voluntary Service at All Hallows and currently doing battle with my thesis on governance in the sector. i hope to find more time for this type of networking after I findish in August. talk soon.

    Martin Cahill, CFAI Fundraising Manager.

    • Hi Martin

      Thanks for the message, yes we really were pressed for time. Good Luck with the Masters


  4. Hi Conor:

    Enjoying your blog – some great articles – thanks for mentioning us in your blog in April –


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  7. Hi Conor,

    I’m Fundraising Coordinator in Aidlink and have been following your blog for the last 6 months now. It’s really good stuff. Much appreciated.

    I’m guessing you have seen this article but just in case…

    Awesome stuff. Its great to read about this kind of mindset and i think its important for us in the fundraising sector to remember that there are a lot of people out there who really want to give. It’s just up to us to ask in the appropriate manner.


    • Hi Phil

      My first ever exposure to fundraising was with Aidlink, the St.Patricks Day badge project! thanks so much for your comment, really appreciate it. I hadnt seen the piece from the mail, but its really interesting. Going to share it next week on the blog. thanks for the link


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