Digital Death

The big question over the past few years is whether or not social media and social networking can actually raise any money for your cause. For me the jury is still out and I would say, don’t go into it with that objective, you want to be there to engage. However that doesnt mean it cant or it wont and similar to Twestival, the Digital Death campaign is one that has leveraged on social media to raise funds leveraging on celebrity support  (and Im always sceptical of using celebs!)

The idea was pretty simple, Celebs were going to log off their favourite networking sites (they would digitally die) on Dec 1st and they wouldnt come back online to until 1 million dollars was raised.

Did it work…….well sort of! 500,000 was raised and the additional 500,000 came from a wealthy donor (as reported on mashable).

Half a million is a lot of money, so perhaps the 1 million goal was just set too high? If they set half a million as the goal this would be undoubtedly a success. Some celebs couldnt stay off as long as they promised they would, so that probably hurt the campaign a bit. I think there is something in this idea, but perhaps shutting down wasnt the right angle to take….how do you drive traffic to the site/donation page if you arent making noise about it, would you really notice if you didnt see your favourite celeb tweets in your stream? Im not sure what the answer to this is, but this idea has potential, so  is anyone interested in working on a campaign like this over this side of the world, tweeking it and making it work? If you are get in touch with me and let’s see if we can pull it together