Modest Needs

I came across this on the AFP blog (great source) who link to an article on

 Originally this was a small site set up by Keith Taylor, a teacher, who was willing to give away some of his annual salary to help people in need, so he would get emails from a woman who needed $65 to help pay for her sons glasses to be repaired. Now the website has developed into a more sophisticated giving mechanism and is another of these sites that is giving directly to those in need (I have spoken about some other examples of this before).

So how does it work, well you can make a donation and for a once off donation you are given points for each dollar you donate. You can then invest your points into a project or individual that you think is deserving.

What a great idea. I know I have said before that I worry a bit about something like this being abused, but these guys seem to have covered the angles.

Is this the end for Charities (I ask again!). No of course not….what charities need to do though is look at sites like this and recognise that they are popular tools for people and see how they can adapt this form of donating into their organisations. How great would it be for charities to list the projects they are working on and empower donors to invest in the ones that they feel passionate about. I would love to see a charity set this up….if you know of one please let me know?