Using an App as part of your Content Marketing Strategy

lavinia baciu irelandGuest post by Lavinia Baciu

With over 12,000 downloads to date the new Irish Red Cross First Aid app is a great example of an approach to content marketing,

The app links perfectly to what the Red Cross believes – ie that everybody can learn basic first aid – and the App aims to get that message out there and make first aid more accessible to the general public.

When it comes to its inbound marketing benefits, this newest a

ddition to their content marketing family is really working. From a lead generation perspective they have already received inquries about first aid training courses – increasing their reach in terms of those who know that they provide this service.

The Analytics tool within the app is allowing the Red Cross learn more about the demographics and behaviour of their users. Analytics information is also used to tailor Social Media posts with content related to content that is popular on the app. Therefore offering consumers more of the content they want to see.

The same information from Analytics was used to optimize Adwords and Facebook ad copy. Initially the ads had the general sound of ‘download your app’. But soon the ad copy was optimized to reflect why the user should download the app-‘Would you know what to do if someone was bleeding?’

It’s been only a few weeks and the app is already sitting at the head of the table of content marketing at the Irish Red Cross. People don’t get all their news from the TV or radio anymore, but increasingly rely on their phone to instantly deliver them important information. The Red Cross, along side its role in disaster relief, is an active player in preparedness matters, eg notifying the public of various emergencies. The push notifications functionality of the app allows just that –deliver useful content to those who need it and also in a real-time fashion, thus bringing the organisation much closer to its audience.

The biggest take-away from this project was how useful app Analytics can be for the marketing and communications teams if thoroughly checked and compared with other stats from Email or social media campaigns. Even more, being able to track which campaigns or traffic sources triggered the app is pure gold and it allows for proper analysis of referral sources and also budget changes so as to suit the better working referral channels.

download the app

Users three times more likely to engage with video on mobiles than desktops

dot rising reported last week that “new data reveals that those who view videos on smartphones are nearly three times more likely to click through to a brand’s website than if viewing videos on laptops or desktops.”

The report by Unruly revealed new stats that show CTR on desktop at 5.45%, compared to a 13.64% on mobile. As well as this, the data highlights that interaction rates for mobile are up a massive 105.63% to 22.64% in Q3 2013.

dot rising comments that “The continual reports regarding the rise in popularity of mobile highlights that now, more than ever, brands must ensure their sites are successfully optimised for mobile and tablet users. As well as this, branching into the realm video marketing is also of utmost importance for companies looking to stay on-trend and relevant for consumers”

Smart mobile ad

I saw this on Best Ads and thought it was pretty smart:

To promote LG’s new smart phone G2, M&C Saatchi, Stockholm created a whole new way of making banners relevant to mobile users. The banners detect what phone you are using, compare it to the LG G2 and customize the message. The banners appeared in Scandinavian HTC’s, Samsungs and iPhones on the 4th of October, 2013.

Asthma Coach App

Apps are tough for people to get right. In my very humble opinion they really have to add value to someones life, enough value that a person will download it in the first place and then use it again (and again). There are some great ones out there that we all use (most of Europe seems to be using WhatsApp!).

I saw someone post on Facebook this morning about this app, I probably should know, but I am guessing their kid (or kids) have asthma, so they thought this was (and I quote) ‘genius’.

The app allows users to record and track their asthma symptoms, medication usage and peak flow to help them control their condition. Users may also share the diary and a graph of their asthma activities with their healthcare professional if they wish. The Asthma Coach also provides users videos on how to correctly use inhalers and other devices, what to do in an emergency and how to test your peak flow.

The free app can be used by anyone with asthma and can also be used by the parent of a child with asthma to help track their condition.

Dr Basil Elnazir, of The National Children’s Hospital, Tallaght and Chairperson of the Asthma Society Medical Committee, said, “We hope that the app will help young people to engage in managing their own asthma. They form lifelong health habits in these years, so if they start to control their asthma now this will help them throughout their lives. We can’t change whether people have asthma or not but we can help to change their outcomes through management of their condition. The app will help them to do this in partnership with their healthcare professional.’

The project was enabled through an unrestricted educational grant from Pfizer Healthcare Ireland. The app also includes a pollen forecast from March-November, which is supported by Dyson.

How to access Asthma Coach:
The app is available to download from the Apple App Store –  the mobile website is available here

Why Marketers need to get mobile

I presented to my agency about 8 months ago and the title was Winning in Digital – and essentially it was – get mobile, help our clients get mobile – and that is what we are doing. Its all about mobile first for us.

So its great when you read stuff from people who are waaaaaaaay smarter than yourself, and they are saying the same thing months later. This is a great post by Greg Stuart, global CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association.

In it he says:

 “consumers have been mobile savvy for quite some time and it is only now marketers are starting to consider mobile as a vehicle for stronger connection and growth. If our goal is to “go where the consumers are and get there first” then essentially, we are trailing far behind when it comes to mobile engagement.”

And if you aren’t convinced – try this for size:

“…many marketers are unsure how to harness the power of mobile. They know they need mobile. But the concept of mobile leading marketing efforts is still too unnerving and unfamiliar.  If I were to sum up the value of mobile to marketers it would be this: Nothing gets a marketer closer to consumers than mobile. Nothing.”

So why mobile:

“THE POWER OF IMMEDIACY – Mobile has transitioned into a platform of NOW. Consumers want information now; they want to buy now; and they want to interact now. This concept of immediacy has transformed mobile into a tool of action and transaction in a single swipe, click, or tap.

MOBILE AS ROI BUILDER  – The “Mobile X% Solution” study found that by dedicating 7% of the annual marketing budget to mobile advertising, marketers would achieve “more bang for their buck.” In other words, better sales results for the same budget. Currently, most marketers invest less than 1% of their media budgets in mobile. A huge error when a number of brands like Coca-Cola, Mondelez International, P&G and many others are ramping up their mobile spend.

TRANSFORMING BUSINESSES WITH A MOBILE VISION – Nike moved from selling sneakers to selling a lifestyle through mobile products like FuelBand and Nike+. Nike harnessed mobile to create an entirely new space for them to connect with consumers and engage in a contextually relevant environment. And while Nike has reaped the benefits, their competitors have yet to catch up and initiate a stronger mobile strategy.”

Still not convinced?

“We all strive to be in “arms reach of desire.” Today, at the end of that arm, between it and desire, is a mobile phone. It’s as close to our consumers as we can get. Go to where the consumers are and reimagine your marketing strategy with mobile leading the charge.”

Great new ad for 48

Their first ad was banned (which I reckon they are thrilled about). This is their follow up. I know some of the people involved in this and I can only imagine the fun they had creating this. Well done