Oreo Twist Dublin

You have probably noticed the Oreo ads recently. It is Oreo’s first advertising forray into the Irish market where they are putting the Oreo Twist on Dublin Landmarks and events. There are a total of 16 ads in the series, with the 16th being an event or place chosen by a reader of the TheJournal.ie.  The event ones, like the one below for the Bram Stoker Festival almost look like Oreo are sponsoring the events, when in fact they aren’t, they are just putting an Oreo twist on it.


The ads in the series (a selection of them are below) are all consistent in look and feel and simplicity. There is no mistaking they are from Oreo and as a way to launch the brand above the line in Ireland it feels like a good move.

Of course this is an extension of the hugely successful, Cannes Lions Cyber Grand Prix winning “Daily Twist” campaign which marked OREO’s centenary and made the cream-stuffed sandwich a social-media behemoth with incredible real-time culture jacking. There is a nice case study video which I have put at the end of this post for you.

Sadly this isn’t a sign of a new advertiser entering the market, the opportunity for Oreo is the result of PHD winning €150,000 of media space in JC Decaux’s “Fame – The Agency Edition” competition. I guess what it does go to show is the effectiveness of outdoor.

The work was done by Draftfcb London.


I just hope this means we will start to get some of the decent size packs of Oreos in the irish market now!



Why dont I ‘Like’ the race for ‘Likes’

So Oreo and ‘Lil Wayne are going head to head to get the most number of fans to ‘like’ a post and set a Guinness World Record. When we talk about pages and posts on pages we talk about engagement and part of that engagement (on Facebook) that we look for is people liking what you post and commenting on it. So this race for the record seems to match up. But why don’t I like it.

I feel that this is just doing something for the sake of it, it feels like a trick and isnt true engagement. I think a page and a post on a page should get likes because people feel the content is worth liking. Yes its about the content. To me this feels like Oreo and ‘Lil Wayne have nothing to say and so they have to pull a stunt to get us to their page. Surely they do have content that can drive likes.

I get that this is a bit of fun, and Im not really taking it all that seriously, Im just not sure I like the direction that this could/will take us

P.S.  Oreos won! Actually no, Lil Wayne won (despite a post on Oreo saying otherwise yesterday!)