Obama needs to ask for Votes as well as $

I signed up to Barack Obamas site a few weeks back after I heard he was going to text the name of his VP to everyone. 

I thought this was fascinating and what a great way to engage people…Did I want to be one of the 1st to know…of course I did. We all want to be the first to know something and Obama’s team have tapped into that.

Since then I have recieved almost daily communications from the Obama camp, well written pieces that are appropriate and of interest to me. As I have been getting these I have been thinking about all the lessons we fundraisers, and all marketing professioals too can learn from the campaign. For a great Direct Mail lesson check out what Damian over at Ask Direct has to say in his piece..Does your direct mail sound like Bill Clinton

Anyway aside from the good lessons we can learn there are other lessons we can learn as my good friend (and great fundraiser) Katie Schrier pointed out when she wrote to me and said:

Hey Conor: Heard something really interesting on the news yesterday that I thought was a great reminder for the non-profit sector in general.  As you know, in the states we are prepping to elect our next president (thank God).  A democrat was being interviewed about Obama and whether or not she was going to vote for him, and she said, “He [Obama] has asked me for my money, but not my vote.”  I thought that was such a fascinating statement when considered from a fundraising perspective. As fundraisers our job is certainly to ask people to support a cause that we believe they will or should be passionate about.  But this statement is such a vital reminder that we must first always be doing the groundwork of getting the donor on board “emotionally” before we ever ask them to make a commitment financially.

Great point Katie, thanks.

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