UK’s 1st Radiothon – Radio Forth’s Cash for Kids Radiothon

The first Radiothon to take place in the UK kicks off tomorrow on Radio Forth One & Forth Two in Edinburgh.

Children’s Miracle Network who have been opearting these events in the US and Canada for the past 10 years brought the concept to Ireland in 2007 and since then have raised 1.3 million euro for Children’s Hospitals in Dublin and Cork.

This event marks the charities first foray into the UK market and will benefit the Sick Kids Friends Foundation in Edinburgh. The event is being run in conjunction with the stations own charity Cash for Kids and will be called the Cash for Kids Radiothon.

Like the Cork Radiothon I do have an interest in this event but I can say with confidence that this is going to make great radio and will make a huge difference to the children who attend Sick Kids

You can listen in here from 6am Thursday until midday Saturday.

2008 Gold Award Winners

When planning a new DM appeal how do you decide what you are going to do? Well one of the things I like to try do is see what others are doing and where better to start than with some award winning DM pieces.

Fundraising Successhas a great article listing and talking about the 2008 Gold Winners for Fundraising Success in seven categories: Direct-Mail Acquisition (50,000 or more mailed, and fewer than 50,000 mailed); Direct-Mail Renewal (50,000 or more mailed, and fewer than 50,000 mailed); Direct-Mail Special Appeal; E-philanthropy (for campaigns centered around e-mail and Web, with no direct-mail components); and Multichannel (for campaigns that combine any number of strategies, including direct mail).

Worth a read or if you just want to check out the winners list check it out here

Did you miss Seth Godin Session

Did you miss the session with Seth Godin on Network for Good?

Well these guys are really good, because the audio is online already as well as a transcript. Its worth a listen. Go Here to download it

Don’t Name It

We are all aware of colleges and facilities that offer major donors naming rights for their gift, so we see Halls and Lecture theatres, wards and entire hospitals named after benefactors. And really there is nothing wrong with it.

How about this for turning that idea on its head.

The Wisconsin School of Business has asked donors to support their mission of keeping the colleges name in tact in return for gifts!

Here is the report by Freakonomics writer Steven D.Levitt in the New York Times:

Michael Knettermay just go down in history as one of the greatest fundraisers of all time. Knetter is the dean of the Wisconsin Business School. Other universities have managed to raise substantial amounts of money by naming their business schools after generous donors (think Carlson, Tuck, Goizueta, Sloan, etc.). But Knetter did something far more impressive. He managed to raise $85 million in return for promising not to name the school for the next 20 years. A bunch of boosters liked the fact that the school is simply called the “University of Wisconsin Business School,” and they were willing to pay to keep it that way, at least for 20 years.

As one of my colleagues pointed out, it probably would have been a lot cheaper for the boosters just to bribe the Wisconsin legislature to pass a bill preventing the naming of the business school, although that strategy would not have gotten them many positive headlines.

Apparently, Knetter is now offering a full slate of objects not to name at the business school. For $50,000, you can have a classroom not named after you. For $5,000, you can not have your name on a plaque in the entryway to the building. For those of you with a little less to give, $50 will guarantee that the urinal of your choice will go unnamed. But only for the next 20 years.

What a GREAT idea. I came across this originally on Fundraising Breakthroughs

Create “Raving Fans”

I was reading a book today that referenced Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles book Raving Fans. The book is service industry specific but it occurred to me that in non-profits we need to create Raving Fans. Blanchard & Bowles say that:

A Raving Fan isnt just a customer (donor) who is satisifed and content with how they have been treated. 

No they are so excited about the way you treat them that they want to tell stories about you, become a part of your sales force

I love this idea and think every day we need to think about how we can create Raving Fans for our organisations.