One Minute Briefs

I came across this on Twitter and the name grabbed my attention. So, I checked it out.  What is it all about, you ask? Well the premise is, often the first idea you have is the best. So a brief is set and you (anyone in Twitter land) have one minute to work on it! As they say themselves:

The beauty of One Minute Briefs is that the ideas that come out of them can be really, really, shit or really, really, good. But you’ve only spent one minute on it so it’s all good whatever happens.

And if your work gets picked up, you get paid!

Here are some recent One Minute Briefs and examples of the work:

Advertise deodorant

Advertise dentists winner

Can’t afford to make an ad

Think again.

The latest AIB ad was made by Dublin agency Rothco using an iphone 5. Yes you will still pay for creative work and editing and the music isnt free – but this has to change how we think about making ads – it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Twitter Music

twittermusicAs you have probably heard, twitter has launched a new service, Twitter music with an iPhone app for U.S., Canada, Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Through the app, users can find tracks that are popular on Twitter, tracks from emerging artists and tracks that are popular with their friends. They can also check out the music of the artists they follow and the artists that those artists follow.

Twitter launched its music service without striking deals with music companies , they used existing deals the labels have in place with subscription music services, choosing to partner with Spotify and Rdio to allow users to listen to full-length tracks.

Some were left wondering what it was all about. But as Wired pointed out – its simple (and therefore a pretty genius move!)

But really, it’s simple: Twitter Music is all about getting you to spend more quality time with Twitter. It’s about everybody’s favorite buzzword: engagement.

(source: Wired) 

Twitter are simply tapping into users behaviour and recognising that users follow musicians and talk and share music a lot on the service, so this is a smart play for them. It also continues to engage musicians and their labels who are likely to invest in advertising on the platform.  All in all this is a really interesting move by Twitter and with BBC America partnering with Twitter (for their Doctor Who and Top Gear programmes) the future seems bright for the blue bird.


Global Rich List

With the Sunday Times Rich List out we are all lamenting how “unrich” we are. Or are we. Global Rich List  is a really clever site by Poke London. You submit your income or wealth and then it tells you what percentile you are in – how many are richer than you and how many you are richer than. As you scroll down the page, it tells you what your hourly wage is and it tells you how that compares to developing countries and asks you to donate to Care.


I hate heart disease – BHF campaign

Speaks for itself really.

I like how they have positioned heart disease and also how they are using the fight sentiment so associated with diseases like cancer. More great work by BHF

Good To Know


I sometimes get asked by people for digital stats in Ireland and it can be hard to track down the latest information. Well obviously the folks over at Publicis D have been asked the same question. So they have, cleverly, developed the Good To Know app.

The app will help you keep on top of the latest “good to know” trends, behaviors and market information in Ireland. Developed by Publicis Dublin, there are six sections of information for marketers that cover the economy, consumer trends, media consumption and digital behaviors.

Nice work!

download the app here Good To Know