Fundraising Ireland Membership Launch

Its  a great development for the Fundraising profession in Ireland. On Oct 13th Fundraising Ireland will launch its membership programme. (this is free to attend, just rsvp here)

Preceeding this will be a session entitled “‘Using Your Database to Build Better Relationships With Donors”. Today is the last day to get the early bird booking rate. Book here

Artez Launches Mobile Fundraising App

They seem to be coming thick and fast, which is a good thing. This new app (in beta) was announced by Artez yesterday.

James Appleyard, Chairman, Artez Interactive says that “We have seen how powerful online fundraising can be for charitable organizations; the move to mobile will now allow consumers to ‘donate’ anywhere and everywhere. It takes the entire web fundraising experience and puts it in your hand.” he continues “At the end of the day, we want to help charities raise as much money as possible at the lowest cost. The full suite of web, social networking and mobile applications from Artez is now at the forefront of fundraising innovation, and we are committed to introducing new and innovative ways for charities to reach supporters,”

“What we have done is created an app framework that we will customize with our charitable partners’ brands and campaigns so they get a tailor-made fundraising app, completely managed by Artez, in less time and at less cost than if they had commissioned one themselves,” said Appleyard.

Artez have collaborated with PayPal on this new app to ensure security, functionality and a fast and easy donation process.

I think the fact that the application is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and allows fundraisers to post updates, via the app, about their fundraising, does make it more interactive. I hope it is hugely successful, it can only be a good development if these apps are embraced, I always say that for fundraising to work it has to be easy for people and this cant make it any easier. So I will continue to watch this applications development, and developments of other apps. Im just not convinced that people will want an application on their phone to donate.

What are your thoughts?

Why so negative about Zuckerberg’s donation?

I came across a few negative comments and articles about Mark Zuckerberg‘s $100 million donation to the Newark public school system yesterday, and to be honest Im pretty baffled by it. Ok so there is a film coming out about facebook in the coming weeks that, apparently, doesnt show him in a great light, so people are saying he is only making this donation to look good.

Seriously? 100 million to look good? Im sure there are a lot of other things he could have done to look good. And really who cares, the end result is a $100 million donation to the Newark public school system…and it probably wont stop there, this guy is obviously smart and he wants to make sure kids in the US  get a great education.

Its disappointing that the first thing peope do is knock something like this, it certainly cant help encourage others to do something similar (which is what we need). It was equally disappointing to see the silence from not for profits, leaders should have been out there saying how great it was that he was doing this.

So from me (for whatever its worth)…well done Mark Zuckerberg.

(nice piece from cnn here)

Vote in the 2010 Nonprofit Tagline Awards Competition

Its time to  vote in the Taggies! For the past few months non profits have been nominating themselves for the awards, which have gone from strength to strength over the past few years, and now its time for you to vote. Seventy tagline finalists in 13 vertical sectors have been carefully culled from more than 2,700 taglines submitted by over 1,700 nonprofit organizations.

Vote today, just click on this link . Polling closes at midnight, Wednesday, October 6.

Voting is actually a great way for you to think about your own tag line and perhaps even get some inspiration. Nancy Schwartz, president of Nancy Schwartz & Compay,  says that “A strong tagline is vital. It’s the anchor for an organization’s brand and, next to its name, the marketing message most heard and repeated, but seven of ten organizations don’t have a tagline or rate theirs as working poorly.”

This year, for this first time, voters will select program, fundraising and special event tagline award winners, in addition to the strongest organizational taglines. The addition of these three new tagline types gives more organizations a chance to showcase their best efforts to engage their target audiences.

Twitter users can follow the 2010 Nonprofit Tagline Awards via the hashtag #taggies.

Think Big – O2 and Headstrong

Yesterday O2 Ireland launched its new social responsibility initative Think Big. I met with Elaine from O2 last week and she was telling me about the plans…and it is very exciting.

Essentially they are looking for groups of young people (14-25 years old) to think about projects that they could do in their local area to promote mental wellbeing for young people. The groups are asked to submit their ideas through a special website and then they will be contacted if they are successful (they will also be contacted if they arent successful and given suggestions about how they could tweak the application and try again)

The successful applications will be given some cash to get their project up and running, they will also get a phone and probably even better they will be assigned a mentor who will work with them and make sure they get their project off the ground.

When I first heard about this I was worried that it was going to be a “voting” contest type event…which I don’t like. So I am glad it is not. This is really about getting young people to think about their local area and make a difference for mental wellbeing (and thats the link with Headstrong).

O2 did some great work with Irish Autism during their partnership together and I imagine this one will be just as successful. Check it out here

When DM comes through your door

….what happens? Well Daniel Jaszczak posted on his blog last week about his thoughts on a pack that came in from Cancer Research UK. I think its a really interesting post, and so Daniel said I could re post it. My only observation, outside of Daniels, was that it seemed to talk a lot about the organisation and not a huge amount about the donor! Anyway here is Daniels post:

This came through my letter box … Cancer Research UK

I might be strange but I actually love when we get cold mailing materials from charities through our letter box. It happened again today 🙂

To make someone, you don’t know much about, open unaddressed envelope can be tricky. I have to say that what Cancer Research UK wrote here, could give me the impression that they don’t care if I put it in the bin either. But let’s move on.

The appeal letter itself reads very well (apart from first paragraph which has font in two colours and some headlining). The copy addresses me all the time and therefore it feels personal. Good size font will make it easy to read for anyone.

First part tries to connect to reader. Straight away there is a “thank you” for not throwing it away and reading on. It mentions financial crisis and explains that also big charity like Cancer Research UK has been affected.

CR UK asks for only £2 a month and straight away assures me that this little amount would mean a lot to them. That is followed by quick breakdown of their work.

Next part of the letter tells me a bit about CR UK achievements over years and shows cancer statistics that only back up the need for their work.

Last part is a call to action. “Let’s stand up and fight this disease”. It nicely and rightly asks me not to delay filling in the form as it might end up on the pile of paperwork.It is signed by the Head of Fundraising. There is a post scriptum explaining to the existing donors why they might have received this as well.

The donation form surprised me quite a bit as it only allows me to set up Standing Order and not Direct Debit. There is also Gift Aid form on it. It is attached to the letter but perforation makes it easy to detach. It’s easy to post as there is also Freepost envelope in the pack.

All in all I enjoyed this door drop from Cancer Research UK. I wasn’t interested by the envelope but the letter copy was in my humble opinion very well written. I a bit disappointed with little choice when it comes to making a donation but the donation form itself is clean and easy to use.

I am looking forward to more mailings and I hope you understand that didn’t write this to criticise but just to share my “user experience”.