RSPCA Cup Cake Day

I love “days”. They really focus the mind, appeal to communities and groups and are normally good fun for people taking part. Here is a great idea and nice supporting website from the RSPCA in Australia. I came across this on the SOFII site (if you havent checked SOFII out check it out!)


Social Media for Charities Session

This came through from The Wheel. I like the way they are using Social Media to tell me about this.


When 2 cents = 1 million


I’m a big fan of coin and loose change….and so am a big fan of this campaign between UNICEF Ireland and Topaz service stations.

The two have teamed up with the aim of raising 1 million euro by asking customers to add 2 cent to their bill. Great idea, 2 cents is nothing to most people.

I wonder how it will work, will staff in the store actively ask customers, will they feel comfortable asking? Or will it be a passive thing (I will fill up in Topaz next time and find out).

Fundraising Ireland National Conference

Save the date. Thursday 26th March Croke Park Stadium

 ” Survival and Growth in a Challenging Climate”

The Conference will see many leading national and international figures from the fundraising world come together to address how we can maximise fundraising success in a challenging climate. The line up of fantastic speakers includes some well known international faces such as Bernard Ross from the Management Centre in the UK; Jon Duschinsky from the Europe Fundraising Association and Daryl Upsall from Upsall Consulting International, who will be joined by some more familiar Irish faces.

Talking about the recession doesnt work

great post by Mark Phillips, test results are showing that mentioning the recession in copy reduces appeal income. Well worth the read here

Don’t be anonymous


Why are we afraid to let people know who we are?

So many fundraising websites have anonymous contact details…contact the fundraising team by emailing info@…… Why? We know people give to people so why are we hiding behind info@ addresses.  Put your name out there, get personal, give them your direct line, mobile number, skype ID…whatever. You are asking them to make a connection to your organisation, don’t be afraid to allow your donors connect with you.

Finding the time to communicate


Do you have difficulty finding the time to communicate to your donors?

Well when I saw that the crew of the Big Ocean Row are able to do it there really is no excuse for any of us.

A friend of mine is part of this crew that are rowing the atlantic. Its a challenge that is completly astounding to me. They are rowing unsupported, taking 2 hours on and 2 hours off.  During those 2 hours off they have to eat, wash, look after any injuries and oh yeh sleep.

But still during what is an incredible challenge they are finding time to communicate and tell people, including donors, how they are getting on (impact!). 

So no more excuses folks!

They hope to complete it in less than 33 days to break the world record, you can track their progress here and see their blogs here and here and here