I hate heart disease – BHF campaign

Speaks for itself really.

I like how they have positioned heart disease and also how they are using the fight sentiment so associated with diseases like cancer. More great work by BHF

Autism Speaks Interactive Ad

(via Digital Buzz)

Kinect technology is a really fashionable. This is a nice use of the technology for Autism Speaks (I never knew this was a sign of autism)

The Irish Charities Expo

The Irish Charities Expo 2012 will be a one day first of its kind exhibition to be held in Ireland.

The Exhibition will get charities and businesses, along with members of the public, together in the same venue so that they can network, develop partnerships and learn from each other.

The Irish Charities Expo is FREE to attend and over 5,000 company representatives will be invited to attend the event to engage and communicate with up to 100 charities that will be showcasing and promoting themselves to the key charity related personnel in Irish businesses.

Everyone Gives

I like the idea of this. I love the concept of networked giving. There is a clear ask (5 euros/pounds/dollars). I like that it is international…so it kind of feels like you are part of a big movement.

There doesn’t seem to be any information about who is behind it, or how much money the charities get. This video actually over complicates the explanation of it too.

What do you think?

(edit: I have seen that Colliers International are the people behind it)



Yes, it is hard to keep up. So whats the next big thing? Well everyone seems to be talking about Pinterest, and so I have signed up. So far I am still getting my head around it and how I should be using it personally so for organisations, who are time strapped, thats probably even harder to do.

So, as with all things social, when I am not sure what its all about, I turn to Beth Kanter….and guess what…she has a blog post about it and how it could be used for your organisation. So while I am off trying to figure it out, I thought I would share a link to her post so you can start getting your head around it.

Let me know what you think

Beth Kanter, Pinterest: A tool to curate relevant visual content for your audience

World Non Profit & Social Marketing Conference

Following on from the 2008 conference in Brighton this conference will bring together those interested in applying strategic communications, marketing and behaviour change methodology to solve key social challenges. Speakers will be from areas such as social marketing, the behavioural sciences, strategic communications, health promotion, community engagement, policy development and advocacy, and more.

Themes that will be used to structure the conference key notes, parallel programme and workshops will be:

  • Rational and Non rational behaviour and how to influence it
  • Intersectoral collaboration to tackle behavioural challenges
  • Global learning systems including the new Global Social Marketing Network

Taking place in Citywest Dublin on April 11 & 12, you can book tickets here

Edelman Good Purpose Study 2010

Always worth a read, click on the image below or go direct to their site